Friday, July 23, 2010

Traditional it is.  I guess I'm not a traditional kind of girl.  Never was; never will be.  There, I've said it.  I've been thinking about traditional this week and wondering when I might trip over it or find it lurking in photos I've been taking but it ain't happenin' so much.  Now that I've said may not be entirely true.  Many times I'm caught in the world between traditional and non-traditional.  I'm caught between worlds, points of view, sides of the fence quite often.  Does that make me unable to reach decisions or rather open-minded to all things?  Who knows?

It's fun to brand yourself a maverick.  I used to do that when I was younger....I'm over that now.  I think as you get older maverick slowly eases toward eccentric.  God forbid if you start at eccentric-I wonder what that eases over into as you get older.  I guess I am traditional in many ways.  Or maybe I'm just confusing that with anal-retentive.  For example, this is really bugging the hell out me when I drive by it on the way to and from work everyday.

Last night I decided I would write my traditional post, showing my non-traditional side which has been in full bloom lately and cite some things around my house to support this non-traditional status.  I do have a few non-traditional Susan offerings:

Messy counter tops....not very anal retentive; non-traditional Susan.

Walking 'round the house with unbuttoned pants....a little Homer Simpson-like, me thinks.  I guess it's OK if you live alone.  The dog and cat don't seem to mind.

Paper bag, peach, coffee cup, pile of do these items all relate?  Only in the fact that I don't want to deal with them.  Sing along now...."all of these things, aren't like the others..."

But then I noticed this picture:

Could anything be more traditional than that?  Embroidered piano bench, Webster's dictionary, baby grand piano.  God help me....I am not a maverick or eccentric....I am a traditional anal retentive in a sloppy spell.  There, I've said it.  It will be OK and I can still be an artist....

Last night was also Chicken BBQ night here in town.  Happens every July, rain or shine.  I thought it might offer some traditional photo ops. 

Cookin' up some chicken.

My father has been a member of Rotary for about 200 years....we've been to a lot of chicken BBQs.  He said they served about 780 dinners last night.  "Good fundraiser" according to Pops. 
My old man serving 'em up....

...all on a traditional white chinet plate.  Yum.

I'm not sure you really go to the Chicken BBQ for the chicken. You sit with your neighbors and friends or meet some new ones. You cough on the smoky fumes from the BBQ cookers and you take part in the ritual.  All of "old Kennebunk" goes..tradition, you know?

If you're lucky a new friend may teach you a cool hand game....

...or her sister might show you her new necklace and pretty sparkly that twirls.

When it's only your 2nd annual Chicken BBQ, you might not be so sure....

...until after dinner when Dada lets you run in the grass....without your shoes!

And if you're an insecure, not sure, sitting on the fence kind of grown-up like me, you might grab a little extra time with your bestest friend and her visiting grand-daughters.  Nothin' finer. 

And you just might think of "traditional" as a backwards sort of blessing that you should appreciate lest it not be there a few years from now.

I guess I'm an eccentric, traditional, anal-retentive artist who currently works in the business field.  No wonder I'm confused.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my ramblings.  I'm not certain the photos are much to look at this post, but they are part of the tale.

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Corinne said...

I'm loving this post. It's so easy to think of ourselves as one thing or another, but to embrace it all is pretty remarkable. And difficult.... and yes, confusing!