Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Cute pup in his master's vehicle

Vehicle, like alcohol, is a word I have to spell carefully or I'm apt to mess it up.  I think it's the funny placement of the "h".  I suppose vehicle, and alcohol are "things" one needs to use carefully as well or they will mess you up....and not in a good way.  And certainly combining the two is never a good idea.  I'm off topic, already.  Again.  Ever see Boston Legal where Denny Crane keeps blaming his verbal jumbles on mad cow disease?  Maybe I'll try that; perfect excuse for anything that doesn't come out right.

This week's "you capture" was vehicle.  I love shooting cars, especially old ones so I was happy with this as a goal.  Often times the cars I want to capture though are zooming down the road in the opposite direction as I think "oooohhh....that's a cool old car."  I've taken to stopping when I see a car at roadside for sale or in rural small sales yards-the yards with those colorful triangular flags strung together like paper dolls hanging above the site-this way I can get out and catch the damn things not moving.

I found some cool old cars this early 1970's Pontiac (does this mean I'm an antique too?) with double fat racing stripes stem to stern parked in a driveway and an old black Rolls Royce for sale-all you have to do is call Mouse at the number he left on the sign attached to his car.  Mouse; hmmm.....I won't get off topic on that one.  But last evening on my way home from my late day appointment I stopped by the local Trolley Museum thinking it would be a unique spot for interesting vehicles....and so it was.

I remember once watching David Letterman and he mocked the trolley museum...."who would want to see a trolley?" he smirked while tossing the card he was reading over his shoulder to the accompanying sound of fake breaking glass.  But if you notice the "subtitle" to this location....mass transit is quite interesting.

This old bus says it's headed to Old Orchard Beach.  Likely going to be mid-winter before you get there if you hop on now.

Move on back, ya hear?

Here be the back of dat same bus.  I think I read on the tag it was put into service in 1938....that could be the mad cow talking though.  This was one of my favorite captures last night.

This reminded me of times when I lived in PA and I would hop the train into NYC for lunch and a matinee show on Broadway.  That was fun....I'd like to do that again.

On the side you can just make out "City of New York".  An oldster indeed, but must admit, not a whole lot has changed about the subway in the city.

This baby doesn't look so bad....heading to Harvard Square.  I think it might get there before that bus for Old Orchard Beach reaches it's destination.

Yes, yes, I know....not a vehicle.  You know how it is.  I had to shoot this old metal switching station while I was there.  The hues were calling me....might be the mad cow.

OK, fessing up.  I was on the grounds after hours.  They close at 5 and I work until 5 and I needed my vehicle post.  If you read my post from yesterday you might think I'm sneaking into places all the time, but it's just coincidence.  I tried hard to stay away from the shiny exhibits of trolleys restored and beautifully painted.  They are the things people pay to see and to ride.  I stayed on the back road where the vehicles are primarily works in progress.  On the way back to my car I spied these old trolley cars waiting for renewal in the side lot.  My Mom grew up in Everett MA, so I snapped a quick shot or two through the overgrown hedge barrier.

Thanks for checking out my vehicles today.  I always appreciate a visit to my blog.

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linnykins said...

Wow!! A trolley park!! Oldschool trolleys! Brownie points for going after hours, awesome photos.