Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walking in Rhythm

Super pup....waiting for the photographer who used to be the person who took nice brisk walks with her.

My mind is kind of bland and blank this morning.  Not much focus....but not in a negative way, more in a perhaps there's room for inspiration way.  If that makes any sense at all.  If anyone really does know what time it is.  If anyone really cares.

I woke up with the sun this morning which is something I used to do regularly but as of late my circadian rhythms have been all screwed up....those damn circadians been messin' with my waking hours have varied anywhere from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. with no rhyme or reason.  This morning was rather novel.

As I've mentioned before, I love the beach, as does Tula and we walk there a lot...often with the entire stretch to ourselves or only shared with a sparse one or two others.  Then summer comes along with the banishment.  Today, I said "what the hey" and went to the beach anyway.  I shot right passed the big-ass sign the states NO DOGS BEYOND THIS POINT.  I'm such a scandalous girl.  Truth be told, early morning and in the evenings dogs are allowed on the left side of the beach, but not the right.  I glanced to the left and it was littered with fisherman and seaglass searchers.  To the right-the non dog side....there was one lone individual walking.  That clinched my decision.

I was off the beach by 7:20 long before any beach pails, towels, flip-flops, cranky kids, impatient mothers, or picnics showed up on the scene.  I think my rule-break was okay.  It is just my 2nd forbidden beach walk this summer and the other was in thick fog.  I deserved this.  I miss the beach...just sayin'; a girl has needs.

A driftwood lean-to reminded me of Survivor.  I think there are parts of Maine that would make superb settings for that reality show.  Imagine the swimming challenges in 52 degree Maine ocean. This is kind of a cheater shot.  I didn't take this one this morning, I took this several evenings ago, but the lean-to was still there this morning if that counts. 

The other day I was into mussel shells, today clam shells....don't know what's up with that.  The purple tips were begging me to take a shot.

See...lovely....either that or I'm getting way off on a tangent.

Barnacles radiate the morning sun.  They also provide a non slippery surface when navigating sections of slippery rocks....bear that in mind if you're selected to be on Survivor Maine.

Yah.  I like it.  Stark, but nice.

This little songstress was singing her heart out this morning.  Maybe this was her song "Sistah; ain't nobody gonna tell ME I can't park here w'never I want.  Move 'long now."  I think it went something like that.

Yup.  More seaweed.  Whatever.  Trying to get a really low angle and keep the camera (and the shoes) dry.

Just as I was about to get in my car and drive home, I had to grab this last photo.  I think cropping might make this one better.....(still working towards that new computer).

Why I imagined it necessary to take more beach roses I don't know.  I guess 'cause they're free.  Besides it's an obession.  There were all kinds of bumble bees drinking in the nectar this morning, but they kept diving into the cups so I didn't catch them.

Thanks for walking the beach with Tula and me this morning.  It is going to be a glorious day here in Maine today.


Clare B said...

The falling down post is my favourite picture. Lovely.

Betty Anne said...

I like the new blog look.

Betty Anne said...

Hi -- it's me again. I have been planning to email you with some answers to questions you have asked in comments on my blog -- but I do not have your email address so I will do it here.

Yes, I have enjoyed Faith's class. She is just getting started teaching so there were a few little bumps in the road, but she is learning about the teaching side of things and I am sure those bumps won't stay around. The cost was resonable and very much worth it.

Is is o.k. to like the original picture before I did my playing -- I would probably choose it over most of them too -- I do like the look of cross-process though and it is fun just to see what you can do with the cool stuff on Picnik.

You asked about my camera which I am sure you have seen on my blog by now. It cost $500.00 here in Canada -- may be cheaper in the U.S. I did not go with a DSLR because of the extra size and weight and cost. This camera does a lot of similiar things that a DSLR does, but cost less and like I said is smaller and weighs less. I would recommend talking to some people at a good camera store letting them know what you really want to do with a camera and finding out what is best for you. I started out thinking that I would be second class if I didn't have a DSLR but that is not true. I am happy with what I have -- for now anyway -- who knows in a few years that may change. There are also some new cameras out now that seem to be a cross breed -- I think they are called four/thirds or something like that -- might be something to check out too.

So -- I think I answered all your questions -- if you give me your email I will be able to respond more quickly and directly. I really must get away from the computer now and go do my packing for the beach : )