Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where you at?

My picture taking has gotten a little ahead of my blog, or my blog has fallen behind my picture taking or my head's on backwards and my belly-button is unbuttoned or I don't know which way is up.  Maybe I've just had too little time at the end of my day, but as long as I still have a little money at the end of my month, I guess I'm doing all right; though often I'm hanging by a thread taking one day at a time. There. It's all so very clear now.  When did my simple life become so complicated by ordinary things?  I just don't know.

I was away for the last day and a half to the family cottage with my parents and my dog and my cat.  Imagine that....I have a cat who actually prefers to travel than be left "home alone".  How unusual.  Again I'm noting that having a cottage along the rocky coast of Maine is a blessing beyond compare.  The weather was humid, muggy, steamy....mixed with the coolness of the Atlantic which creates fog (and extra hot flashes).  I recently learned that here in Maine July is the foggiest month.  There were a few showers here and there, but mostly a sticky cloud covered atmosphere.....good for the photographer, bad for the tourists.  I was able to grab some shots while out walking Tula and while hanging around the house between naps....naps for all the above mentioned individuals and animals who were there.

Five Islands harbor. Just outside in Sheepscot Bay the fog bank hangs. Oh to live in Maine.

Mom...Five Islands is her favorite place to be.  She has just finished a week's long vacation in her beloved little home and she seems rested and renewed.  Yay for her.

My mama's needlepoint project. The colorful threads were too tempting not to capture.  This weekend was the first time I've shared with Mom my new interest in photography.  She was complimentary, but then faulted herself for not being creative.....she needs to open her eyes., this needlework counts as creative.

My Andrew Wyeth-esque capture.  Or could be called...."sans weed whacker".  One of those shots that popped out at me on my walk.

Over at the farm stand the humidity was really making itself known.

As folks in Maine do say "wicked pretty flowers".

This is the saddest ham and cheese sandwich I've ever seen....even has some little mustard tears.

Pink oxford resting on the Kennedy rocker.

The fog did lift from time to time.

The old sea-captain's chest.  It's been yellow, green, and now it's blue.  Holds all the fun games we keep around the cottage to use on foggy days....and a stray dog hair or two.

Happy geraniums, deck denizens.

Next weekend I'll be returning to the cottage by the sea bringing 7 dear friends along and leaving my parents and the cat at home.  I think my photo ops may be a little different then....if there are any at all.  We may be having just too much fun for me to bother chasing beauty.  That will give a my blog a chance to re-align with my photographs again.

As always, thanks for stopping by and seeing what's on my mind and what it is I've been seeing through the lens.


Corinne said...

I've always been in awe of anyone who can focus on needlepoint. And it is so creative and beautiful! What a beautiful spot for a vacation cottage. Your getting some gorgeous shots!

prag said...

Hi Susan,
I just managed to get online and read many of your blog postings and see those gorgeous pictures. Thanks for doing this. . . it made me happy to read and see your work. Paula Wall

Clare B said...

I feel a little back to front and upside down too at the moment. I think it's the heat. Blame it on the heat (and the humidity in your case). I love your sans-weeds whacker photo and the chest of games.

Jamie said...

What a gorgeous place - makes me want to travel north