Monday, July 19, 2010

While the power was out

I'm at that point in Blog-world where my photos are a couple steps ahead of my mind and my written happens.  Did I mention that I missed writing while I was unplugged for a few days?  How silly is that?  "Oh blog, I'm so glad to see you.  I missed you."  I guess what I'm trying to say is there's a back log in the ol' mind, photo, blog connection due to me taking a few days's ok, I'm just in catch-up mode this evening.  Should my mind wander, as it often likes to do, I'll be able to blame the disjointedness on my mini vaca.  Always good to keep a scapegoat handy.

My last post was about my fun weekend with friends. I must confess however, at this early point in my photography life, I don't consider myself a photographer of people. I hope I did them some justice in those quick here and there shots.  I like to take pictures of things....maybe because they don't move and I can take my time before I click the button and commit to the shot.  So while I took a few photos of my wonderful friends and our silly escapades.....I took another 4 to 5 hundred photos of non-animate objects and they are what I've whittled down to a few favorites that must get posted before my anal-retentive, yet still somewhat creative self, goes nuts.  Ya feelin' me on this one?

This odd little face was at a local farm stand. Reminds me of know that mythology character with two faces...looking forward and back. What I know about myths you can put into Pandora's box with plenty of room to spare....but I'm wondering what's on the back side of this piece.

These were inanimate feet, so the photo worked for me.  Is this not the picture of leisure?  Jealous.....

Lobster crates.  Something about their colorful alignment appealed to me right away.

While my cottage was full of dozing friends, Tula and I crept out for an early morning walk in the woods....this old stump dangling between terra firma and no terra at all I found intriguing.  I'm inclined to think I often know exactly what it feels like to be this stump.

Views, views, views, views....ain't it great when they're everywhere?  Makes one appear to have an exceptional eye.  Thank you blessed spirit for making me look good.

Garlic over at Heidi's farm stand.  She displays everything so beautifully....great for the artists....hope the chefs and grocery shoppers are equally gratified and moved to buy stuff rather than just admire and photograph its loveliness.

I don't know what you'd call this sweet little summer porch....I guess sweet little summer porch.  I had to stomp on the brakes and pull over and take 7 zillion photos of it.  There were 2 homes in proximity but no one around.  A screened in oasis overlooking a tidal cove with glowing sunset views.  Where were the people?  It would have been a perfect evening for them to sit, glass of wine in hand, and take in the show without being bothered by pesky mosquitos.

OK, right now confessing to a little water lily addiction....can't help it.  This one was extra special and I love the reflection I caught in the dark water (yay me).

Was it Carl Sandburg who wrote a poem about fog creeping in on cat's velvet paws or am I just imagining that I can actually remember part of a poem I once read?  Can I get a witness?  Or a correction?

"Oh that's all water under the bridge..."  Yup; and there's no sign that it's stopping.

There's been a mouse or two visiting the cottage this summer.  If my Mom didn't leave out these cute little chairs, they might go someplace that wasn't so inviting.  Stuart Little would be all over this.

Another one of Tula and my early morning finds.  See what you miss when you sleep in?

If you're still reading along, you're an awfully nice blog viewer.  I'm almost done, really I am.  I can't tell if this picture is good or kind of misses the mark.  It felt pretty when I took it....does that count?

Love, love, love this one.  I think it's my favorite of the whole may even be suitable for framing.

Here's the same purple plant with a million dollar view for a backdrop.  Well, maybe half a's a tough real estate market these days.

I was thinking it was another Andrew Wyeth-esque moment when I took this one.  Good thing you can't see the rest of the house...I shall reserve comment about that. :)

From the sweet little screened in porch one could see this kayak glowing in the setting sun.  How glorious the summer is when you live in Maine.

Thank you for visiting my blog and checking my latest post.  I feel so much better now that my mind, photos, and blog are once again connected and up to date.  Stop in again sometime...I always enjoy and appreciate a visit.


Betty Anne said...

Your pictures are wonderful and I love the little things you wrote about each one. My favorites are the summer porch, fog and the woodpile. Maine is such a beautiful place.

Laloofah said...

Hey, Sue!

Another fun post that invites a comment-fest! :-)

Love those early morning strolls when most people are still snoozing! And I was glad to read that Tula did indeed get to accompany you last weekend. :-)

The fun face is great - I believe that's a Green Man (though he's not green), and is it just me, or is he winking at us?

Mmmm... garlic! I'd have bought a bunch (after photographing it too, of course!) :-)

I confess to totally coveting that fun sweet little summer porch (a name that works for me!) If it were mine, I'd have a hammock in it and sleep out there at night, after languid afternoons spent there sipping tea or wine and reading, after a morning out there drinking my hot morning beverage and just soaking in the start of another lovely summer day. It's perfect! (Like you, I wonder where the people were! Hope they fully appreciate what a sweet little summer porch they have!)

The lotus is so pretty - easy to get addicted to those! And the fog photo is sublime. I'll be your witness...

The fog comes on little cat feet.
It sits looking over the harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
~Carl Sandburg

I have that one on one of my own fog posts (a link to it's in my comment on your Connect post).

That Stuart Little Adirondack chair is too adorable! Were I a wee mouse, I'd pull that chair out on to the deck by its twine and spend my day enjoying the warm sun on my tummy. :-)

Of the next four photos, my favorites are the first one of the grasses growing up among the tidal rocks and the flowers silhouetted against the sky - the one you feel is suitable for framing. (You could turn a local frame shop into a multi-billion dollar business with all your photos that are suitable for framing!)

And though I've not yet experienced kayaking, that kayak sitting there on that placid water just makes me long to climb in and go for an evening paddle. So inviting! And just look at all the lovely shades of green in that photo! So pretty!

Jamie said...

You got some amazing shots. I particularly love the fog rolling in.