Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hydrangeas on parade.  This incredible bank of hydrangeas was caught int he shade of a small rural school/town office building in Georgetown Maine.  The plants stretched the length of the building and were just too amazing not to stop and photograph.  This section represents maybe 1/4 the length of the flower hedge.

Hydrangeas come in several, purple, pink, and white.  I am sooooo not a gardener but I understand that color is dependent on acidity of the soil or something scientific like that.  I'm good just knowing no matter the color, they always put on quite a show.

I'm participating for the first time in Simplicity challenge.  Though my flowers are hanging out in the shade, I hope you enjoy my take on "white".


Faith said...

this is BEAUTIFUL. I love that hedge of hydrangea -it must have been totally amazing to see it in person!!

Laloofah said...

I'm amazed at how every single blossom in that close-up photo is perfect! Not a brown spot or a tear or anything on a single bloom! Did you search to find a section of hydrangea row that was that flawless, or was the entire length of it perfection, do you think? :-)

Had I been the gardener, I know I would have planted hydrangeas of every color against that white building for the eye-popping contrast of it. But I must admit, the white on white is cool, elegant and definitely evokes simplicity! A lovely find for your challenge!