Monday, August 30, 2010

Evening 5/365

'Tis a late summer evening.
The last gasps of summer press
Against the cool whisper of the forest.
A hot day reminds what has been
And teases what will not last much longer.

The children have returned to school,
The pulse of pond peepers has slowed.
The sun sinks far too early for my liking.
The rhythm is changing.

Won't be long now the darkness grows
Stealing life and bearing sadness.
Burrowing in repose, in shallow breaths;
In winter's foyer the dwindling days.

Another day closes with orange sunset.
A reminder of the gift that is living.
Onward, steadfast, morphing,
In unsaid nuance.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Illuminate, 4/365

This post is in response to "illuminate", this week's prompt from Maegen at The Sunday Creative.  You can see other's take on illuminate at her blog Life Set to Words.
The Sunday Creative
I don't usually do this, so I'm surprised to find myself immediately moved to post about illuminate.  Normally the weekly word hangs in the nether regions of my mind for a number of days before making itself known. Today illuminate, illumination, illuminated has been with me most the day, tapping me on the shoulder, urging me on.  I finally have given in, despite the fact that it seems too soon.

This morning's light was lovely, taunting me, guiding me to it.  "Step this way please", it said.  "Follow me, find me, seek me, use me."  I've been thinking that's what guides me at this point in my limited photography experience.  Light.  Maybe I'm not alone; maybe that's just how it is. I have so much to learn.

Chasing the light.  I love that expression, really love it. But its not simply the photographs, its all encompassing.  I've been living dark for too long.  Often I still am and I don't like it.  I want to find the light, the illumination....I am seeking it, but at times it is so elusive, so difficult to find and tiring to chase.

I think most of us want to be illuminated...ideally we're all seeking that in places of worship, in partnerships we entangle ourselves in, in journals we write, in the books we read for inspiration and knowledge.  Why are so many of us feeling lost, seeking, trying, grasping to find what's good not bad, what is truth not befuddled in lies, what will nourish our bodies and souls?  The eternal quest.  Human nature I suppose.  My mind is always chasing the light, wondering, pondering, curious.  I grow bored and restless easily.  I am not well equipped for being still.

This evening I chased the light again.  I said I wouldn't, but couldn't resist tucking my camera in my pocket while I walked the dog.  The light is slipping away earlier and earlier as autumn nears.  Just before sunset an old classmate from high school was slipping a kayak into the river for an evening paddle.  I watched him glide into the pink hues of the setting sun and thought about how time really passes so quickly yet the mystery of it all is in fact, timeless.  I wondered if he felt illuminated, or if he is just as full of questions as I am....if he too is chasing the light albeit in a kayak rather than with a camera.  Just wondering too much, as always.

I spotted these dories this morning, illuminated by the sun.

{4/365}  I loved the clarity of their reflections and thought they'd be even more beautiful without the setting.  I'm really pleased with this photo...yay me.

It was very still this morning.  The water was still, the air was still, Dock Square-normally bustling with tourists-was still while the visitors slept in.  Lucky for me.  This bridge spans the Kennebunk river, dividing Kennebunk from Kennebunkport....unless you're a local, you can't really tell one from the other.

Waiting in the morning light for storekeepers and shoppers.

When I passed this home, I noted not only the pretty flowers but also the Sunday paper waiting on the stoop for the residents likely enjoying a lazy morning.

There was something melancholy about this bicycle left alone waiting for its owner to return. 

In a garden on the backside of South Church I found this white beach rose.  I have always most sensed God's presence when I am close to nature.  This felt like God was reaching out to near the church and all.  It was breathtaking.  I hope I've at least captured the mood.

All summer long I've wanted to shoot this row of pilings.  I've tried several times, but the light hasn't been quite right or the marsh was too wet to get a good angle.  Tonight they were illuminated perfectly.

Here's a little further down the row...not quite as nice, but I still like it.

My classmate Dave, chasing his light, and providing a great photo op for me.  Thanks Dave.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday 3/365

Saturday night....I'm one tired cowgirl.  Been many too many weeks of 6 days of work.  Listened to Maegen's suggestion to take photos early in the morning to stave off the stress of having to find something in fading light.  Very helpful tip indeed.  My late day photography was uninspired.

I also have an account with Flickr and a few weeks back joined a group that likes to take a picture a day with a prompt from one of their administrators.  Today's prompt was "at play".  Without kids....there ain't a whole hell of a lot of playing going on around here.  A picture of yours truly with her big ol' ass planted on the couch reading a book hardly seems interesting fodder for such a spirited prompt.

My bicycle seemed the only play item that I could immediately draw to mind prior to any I put the spinach on to saute (on low) and took my bike and camera for a quick loop around the neighborhood.  I was delighted with what I captured....that is, besides the look of some neighbors who think I'm absolutely nutty to pedal a bike and take one handed photos.  Hey....somebody's got to do it, right?

Oh, by the time I finished the loop the spinach was ready for the scrambled eggs to be added in....dropped the toast, poured the coffee, and the day was off to a great start.

{3/365} I have no idea if this is a good photo or not....but I think it's kind of cool.  All the grey colors and the clarity of the foot and bike against the movement of the pavement seems pretty interesting.  And, I didn't crash and breakfast was nearly ready when I returned

Spinning wheel, got to go 'round.

Look hands, or feet!

Sunflowers at a roadside can not just drive by!

I'm a sucker for a single leaf.  This one was balanced atop of low groundcover in the woods. 

I'm content that I went with the bicycle shot for's a little different.  Flowers will be in short supply soon, but I chose one for yesterday.  Keeping it fresh 3 days into my 365.  Thanks for stopping by.

365 Days

Friday, August 27, 2010


This post is in response to the prompt "orient" from Maegen's "The Sunday Creative".  If you're interested in a variety of takes on this same prompt, head on over  to her blog, Life Set to Words and check it out.

 The Sunday Creative

I have tried very hard with the Sunday Creative not to go seeking my prompt, but to let it find me or reveal itself in the photos I have taken.  I loved the revelation this week.  With a heavy dose of rain induced crabbiness and cabin fever, I was delighted to awaken on Thursday morning to beautiful sunny skies.  A re-birth of sorts for me.

I woke up early enough to slip onto the beach with Tula....without disturbing any beach goers. [4 more days until the no dogs sign goes down :)]  The sun was beautiful, the air was crisp and clear, and there was nary a soul to be seen down the whole stretch of beach.

It's like being in a movie having this whole thing to yourself.  Sometimes I can't believe I'm lucky enough to live just a short drive from this incredible oasis.

Down to my left at the mouth of the river there were a variety of people fishing and surfcasting.  My brother is a fisherman and I remember he said..."fish the outgoing tide at the mouth of the river,"  just in case you need any fishing tips.  I do note when the tide is going out, there are always a lot more people fishing.

I don't think they catch much, but they always seem contented.

Tula and I walked all the way down to the far end....our footprints piercing the sand which had been wiped clean by the outgoing tide.

At the very end of the beach I could see something moving on the sand.  It was a baby seal flipping and flopping her way from the shore back into the ocean.  In all the years I've walked the beach that was the first seal I'd ever seen.  I wasn't close enough to catch a photo....too bad.  Got to keep saving for that DSLR....with plenty of zoom, zoom.

At the edge of the surf a lobster trap with buoy still attached was lodged in the sand.

I forgot to look inside to see if there were any lobsters.

Normally you find one or the other, rarely both together.  The previous day's stormy weather had offered this duo back from the sea.

The light was so lovely I kept taking photos, despite being chased away by the incoming waves.

On the return trip, the sun shines on your face and in your eyes.  In the winter time, the wind is usually at your back too which can be a blessing on a cold January morning. Tula and I walked to the opposite end of the beach where the fishermen were casting.  That's when "orient" hit me.

I saw the radiant sun and thought of orientation such as a compass point or cardinal direction.

But as I looked at the beauty all around me, it struck me that it wasn't so much orient, but "re-orient" that I was experiencing on this morning.  A reacquainting with something that is known to me, but seemed so new and exciting under the sun's blessing.

I've seen this view over and over again, but somehow it seemed renewed and fresh.

And the grass seemed greener and the sky couldn't have been bluer with just the hint of a white cloud.

And my camera filled with new pictures from the same old place I walk almost every week, year 'round.  This man was digging for clams while waiting for fish to take the bait.

Even in the absense of beach roses, now replaced by rose hips, there was new beauty to capture.

Thank you for stopping by and walking the beach with Tula and me.  We are now re-oriented with one of our favorite walks and hopefully you feel oriented as well.  I hope you will stop by again soon.

365; Ready or not, here I come!

365 Days

Hey all...I'm "doing" a 365.  For months now I've been seeing reference to 365 and wondering what the hell it is.  About a month ago I figured it out....why people would post a photo and then a number in fancy parenthesis like this {63}.  I'm not a dumb girl, but there is a learning curve to this blog thing and there ain't no manual....just trial and error.

I don't know as I ever really thought about doing a 365 despite admiring the work of others, but then an invitation to join in from Maegen over at Life Set to Words ( was too enticing not to say yes to.  There are a few others also willing to take the plunge to take a photo every day and I know that having encouragement from them will be helpful...I'm thinking especially in December and January when I'm freezing my fingers (and ass) off and finding light some time other than working hours will be challenging.  Perhaps my desktop will become a frequently photographed for that; it's blue.

The reality is....I have been taking pictures everyday all summer.  This won't be a new practice for me, just a more deliberate practice with an aim to getting better at seeing beauty.  For so long I just passed it on by, scarcely noticing.  I think I felt like beauty was for other people to notice....but for some reason, not me.  I feel it is time to slow down, to see the forest for the trees, to appreciate the little things, to breathe deeply and feel it rush into my soul, to savor the taste of what's out there that I'm sensing through my photographs....and to keep my humor in tact when these new views and feelings are eluding me.

So, if you see a post of mine and it says {187} you'll know I'm about 1/2 way thru my 365 and you'll know why the numbers are in those fancy shmancy parenthesis.

Without further adieu; here are my {1} and {2}:

{1/365} Lobster buoy washed ashore still attached to its trap.

{2/365} Stately pink flower standing guard.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This post is in response to You Capture's word for the week "Outside".  Check out other takes on outside over at Beth's fabulous blog I Should be Folding Laundry. 

Most of the time my photos are taken outside....I'm not a big fan of flash photography and I've yet to build myself a light box, so having the weekly prompt of "outside" meant to me, just keep on doing what cha do.  I also don't have adorable children doing adorable (or maddening) things, so I look to the outdoors for inspiration most of the time.  Here are a few of my inspirations from the last week.

In the past few weeks I've taken to enjoying sunsets in a more real way.  My old habit was to look and say something quickly in passing "that's pretty"....lately I'm being more deliberate and appreciative.  It is such a serene and beautiful time of day and requires repose.  I'm growing up....thankfully before I get too old.

Shadows are fun.  Here I am with my timid walking companion on the beach in the morning....we were walkin' tall.  The beach, no matter the season, is a place I love to be outside.

I can't really say why I like this photo, I just do.  I like the playful painted footprints left at curbside outside a corner cafe.  It made me wonder who had left them behind.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Old Man is Snoring

The good rain, like the bad preacher, does not know when to leave off.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson
It's been a summer full of sunny days, heat, humidity, and little rain. 
The last few days are putting things back in perspective. 
I haven't mowed my lawn for nearly a month as its not grown without water. 
The last few days are putting things back in perspective.
The river's edge is down 8 inches or so.
The last few days are putting things back in perspective.
The world of green has turned mossy brown.
The last few days are putting things back in perspective.
I suppose it is a blogger's no no to blog about the weather....alas....I'm there.  I was patient for the other 3+ days, but today my last rain nerve has been stepped upon and I'm turning grouchy.  Too much grey, wet, and dreary for this girl whose been spoiled by the sun.  What cha gonna do?
Circles on the drive.

Grey on grey.

Testing the recent wax job.

Gumshoe how do you do?

Morning's first view.

Ain't no way I'm going out to pick up that empty recycle container.

I hate wearing raincoats.

Let's hope tomorrow I am less crabby and much drier.  Thanks for stopping by.....stay dry.