Friday, August 27, 2010

365; Ready or not, here I come!

365 Days

Hey all...I'm "doing" a 365.  For months now I've been seeing reference to 365 and wondering what the hell it is.  About a month ago I figured it out....why people would post a photo and then a number in fancy parenthesis like this {63}.  I'm not a dumb girl, but there is a learning curve to this blog thing and there ain't no manual....just trial and error.

I don't know as I ever really thought about doing a 365 despite admiring the work of others, but then an invitation to join in from Maegen over at Life Set to Words ( was too enticing not to say yes to.  There are a few others also willing to take the plunge to take a photo every day and I know that having encouragement from them will be helpful...I'm thinking especially in December and January when I'm freezing my fingers (and ass) off and finding light some time other than working hours will be challenging.  Perhaps my desktop will become a frequently photographed for that; it's blue.

The reality is....I have been taking pictures everyday all summer.  This won't be a new practice for me, just a more deliberate practice with an aim to getting better at seeing beauty.  For so long I just passed it on by, scarcely noticing.  I think I felt like beauty was for other people to notice....but for some reason, not me.  I feel it is time to slow down, to see the forest for the trees, to appreciate the little things, to breathe deeply and feel it rush into my soul, to savor the taste of what's out there that I'm sensing through my photographs....and to keep my humor in tact when these new views and feelings are eluding me.

So, if you see a post of mine and it says {187} you'll know I'm about 1/2 way thru my 365 and you'll know why the numbers are in those fancy shmancy parenthesis.

Without further adieu; here are my {1} and {2}:

{1/365} Lobster buoy washed ashore still attached to its trap.

{2/365} Stately pink flower standing guard.


Carol Blackburn said...

Love the buoy; that's my kind of thing to paint. Have lots of trouble painting flowers. Nice to meet you!

Jamie said...

Congrats on taking up the challenge! I was tempted, but the timing was just off for me, instead I'll enjoy the work of all the rest of you

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Yay! I’m joining in the 365 Project/challenge too! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

justinegordon said...

saw your name on the blogroll, I am participating too, it's great fun

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Great photos! I'm participating in the challenge, too. It'll be interesting to see how we're all feeling around day 200 :)

April said...

Awesome! I am doing a 365 too!
I love your perspective and the reflection in the first shot :)