Monday, August 23, 2010

A Bubba kind of Weekend

Today was the longest day....why is that always the case?  I'm back from 4 days away with friends and then "smack"....Monday back at work.  I don't think anything can kill a good mood faster.  Today was a dreary grey cloud covered day with rain-blah-all day.  Rain should not be permitted on Mondays.  I think that should go in the by-laws of life.  I don't have a sense when rain should happen, but, Monday, and rain-it was the triple decker pissy mood maker fer shure.

The weekend was fun tho'.  Five of us crammed into a little cabin laughing, sharing stories, playing games, and being absolutely was wonderful.  Amazingly I even was able to catch some sleep.  I managed to ignore all the middle of the night bathroom traffic and keep the zzzzzzzs rolling.  Good deal. 

Spending time on a lake in the summer has held sweet appeal for me for as long as I can remember.  I was saddened as a child to learn my parents were building a cottage on the ocean...."why not a lake?"  I whined.  I was considered part fish at the time.  There's something about the ease, the slower pace of life, the smell of the tall pines, the warmth of the fresh water, the allure of the setting sun...being on a lake is delightful.  My friends and I referred to "Norman" of On Golden Pond several times.  Not quite the same setting, but close enough.

While we were there somehow we started a "Bubba" thing.  Please hang with me, it's worth staying.  I didn't start it (this time), but it wasn't long before we were all participating with gusto.  Everyone was called Bubba, everyone was tah-aw-kin' la-ike became very funny.  Extra vo-owull sounds threw-owoot.  Laughter is so good for the soul.  The motto of the weekend..."to thine own Bubba be true", whatever that means.  Two of my friends are chaplains, the other two are quite spiritual...and then there's me.  I guess I'll figure out the meaning of being thine own Bubba soon enough.

I'm really sorry that I lost sight of my inner Bubba, my soul full of laughter, and the embrace of friends who listen and care, so quickly today.  I needed a Bubba laugh to pull me out of the funk that the office brought on.  I think this points rapidly to how I need to find a new way to work and a new avenue of adventure that can sustain me through the weight of work.  One's livelihood should not penetrate and scar one's heart with such speed and acuity.  It is not healthy.  All I need to do is listen to my inner Bubba and find a trail of breadcrumbs to follow away from the stress.

A few photos of a bee-you-tee-full time shared with Bubba friends lakeside.

The camp where we stayed is located on Lovejoy's not even a lake, but to me, what's the difference?  It was once a boy's camp.  The rustic charm remains in the common buildings near the waterfront (such as this "craft room") and in the unique condominium cabins personalized by each owner.

How nice to see small and rustic vs. "McMansion" dwellings.  Who needs all that space?

My Bubba friends posing atop the diving platform under overcast and cool conditions.

The evening before had provided an "On Golden Pond" type moment at sunset.

Bubba Becky playing on the porch.

Bubba Pam likes to pose with funny faces....she says it makes her look younger....I think she's quite youthful without the silliness, but she didn't ask me.

Bubba Laura and Bubba Sonja stirring up trouble in the gift/bar/gallery/pizza place.

We found this Bubba inspired sculpture in the gallery upstairs.  It helps Bubba things up if you have pudgy cheeks.

While the rest of the Bubbas were being kind of silly I got my serious on when I spotted this pretty display.

All the Bubbas stopped at Elvin's farm stand for some beautiful fresh produce...

...and room brightening flowers.

It was a lovely place, a lovely way to spend a few days in the waning days of summer.

Perchance I will remember these days in mid-January and they will gladden my chilly heart.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my "Bubba" post and checking out my Lovejoy Pond pictures.  I appreciate your visit.


Jamie said...

I'm a little bit in love with that Lake

Becky said...

As one Bubba to another...great post! Any time you need a Bubba laugh, just call and I will call on my inner Bubba for you.

Clare B said...

Wonderful post and too true about the acidity of work. I felt it yesterday as well. Thankfully today if I look out the window I can see blue sky and puffy clouds, it's enough to keep the scars at bay