Monday, August 30, 2010

Evening 5/365

'Tis a late summer evening.
The last gasps of summer press
Against the cool whisper of the forest.
A hot day reminds what has been
And teases what will not last much longer.

The children have returned to school,
The pulse of pond peepers has slowed.
The sun sinks far too early for my liking.
The rhythm is changing.

Won't be long now the darkness grows
Stealing life and bearing sadness.
Burrowing in repose, in shallow breaths;
In winter's foyer the dwindling days.

Another day closes with orange sunset.
A reminder of the gift that is living.
Onward, steadfast, morphing,
In unsaid nuance.



Clare B said...

gorgeous light Susan. One of the good things about it getting darker earlier must be that sunsets are at a more reasonable hour! Love the poem as well - I'm a sucker for a good poem.

Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely dusky shadows and glow. And your prose is very complimetary.

Cherry said...

Gorgeous shots capturing the splendour of the turning wheel as summer ebbs - love the light. Gorgeous verse too. Cherry XXX

laura said...

Photos and poems all in one place, shared with such feeling for the whole human race. Love how you followed the light and shared the
deep verse to go with it. Keep up the good work my friend!

Clare B said...

so I've already commented here, but your email address is on my other account and retrieving it means a lot of long laborious work on an internet connection that isn't very happy today. Thanks for visiting the new site. I'm a couple of days behind you but my 365 is up and running. Looking forward to joining the challenge with you.