Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyday Things

Everyday, commonplace, ordinary, unremarkable, plain Jane, trivial, run of the mill....whatever....

This post is in response to the "you capture" prompt: everyday things.    Photobucket

I like taking photos of everyday things; things we don't give much thought to until they're missing, broken, or unavailable.  Then the trivial becomes dear; the common place unique.  Sometimes I feel like an everyday thing, as if I'm invisible or useless and my presence would hardly be missed if I wasn't around.  I'm sure those are just the blue days....most of the time I realize that each of us in this world has something unique and treasured to offer, even if we seem like plain Janes to the masses.

One of the greatest things that happened on this everyday was I found the "macro" setting on my camera.  Oooooohhhhh lucky me.  A new set of wonder and excitement to view and capture the world with.  I've realized I often am drawn to take close up shots....knowing how to set for macro should help with clarity.  Yay for macro.  I was so excited I had to try it for a bit and then I was late getting back to work after lunch.  (sorry Annie).

That's what I wrote last night....and then I fell asleep, on the couch, laptop on lap, finger in mid key-stroke.  Crap I'm getting to be like my parents.  How I would torment either of my parents had I found them in that position....well, the 1970's version of that position-like on the couch with their glasses cock-eyed and the newspaper dangling from their head.  Ah yes, and the drool.  We shan't forget the drool.

So, on with the "everyday things" so I can find out what next week's prompt is.  I'm backed up again, more photos than words so I better shut up and get posting. (as if....)

Bricks.  They're everywhere....everyday, yet nary a thought we give them, unless of course they were missing.  Then we'd be some sorry I say.

Here's a little macro magic for ya....oh, I'm so excited......sneakers.  For me sneakers are definitely an everyday thing.  I try to buy them in greys and tans....hides the dirt better.

This should be an everyday thing for me, but it ain't.  And it's banished to the back spare bedroom.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Frankly I think ironing is stupid.  Once you wear something for 10 or 20 minutes its all wrinkly anyway.  How 'bout that gorgeous ironing board cover-Egads...might be time to head on over to the Targets or Wal-Mahts (as they say in Maine) and fetch me up a new less uglified one.

In my opinion and in my household, having pets is an everyday thing.  Everyday you gotta feed 'em and take care of 'em.  And everyday they love you, love you, love you.  Not a bad deal.  I love this capture of Tula at one of her favorite places....the beach.

To keep things all fair and even around my place....Pamina, better known as "Princess P".  She too is an everyday thing....and this is one of her very own everyday things.....catching some sun by the back door.

Here's the last of my everyday things....the mailbox.  This one is not mine.  Mine is an ugly black one that seems to bring a disproportionate amount of bills and not enough fun cards and colorful magazines.  This group of "matchy-matchy" mailboxes looked so pretty with the colorful flowers folks, down at the beach.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my take on everyday things, even if it took me an extra day to get around to it.  Your visit is always appreciated.


Corinne said...

I love the mailboxes. There's something so classic about seeing a line of mailboxes. Sweet and sentimental, almost.

Anne said...

That's such a cool picture of your dog on the beach! And I agree - pets are definitely part of my everyday :)

Kristen said...

Cute kitty! Mine was in my every day captures as well :-)

Jennifer Lavender said...

Beautiful photos! I think the mailboxes are my favorite.

Teresa said...

I just love your everyday things. I agree pets should always be everyday friends! Great picture of the mailboxes. I just love that one.

Clare B said...

love the last photo of the postboxes - I agree with Corinne it is a little sentimental

Barb said...

I have to say that the mailbox photo is a great shot! The flowers, the angle, all very nice.