Sunday, August 8, 2010

Falling in Love

Tonight, as I looked out over the setting sun, I surmised it would have been a wonderful summer to fall in love.  To have felt carefree and full of life; to have worn flip-flop sandals, pale turquoise sleeveless tops, and to have had a pony tail that swished in balmy breezes and against my bare shoulders.  To have been wide-eyed and giggly and to have seen nothing but beauty even in the most common of things. And especially to have felt like each day was magical; long, and drawn out.  It would have been a good summer for those feelings and the tangible energy in each breath and skip-like footstep they would have offered.

Tonight I was reflective sitting in the rocking chair in front of the clubhouse,  imagining spending the summer golfing and at a nearby beach house.  I was pretending this golf course view of the world was all mine and that everything was simple.  Maybe that's more what I was thinking, rather than about falling in love, or maybe it's just when you first fall in love....everything seems simple, it's only later that tangles and snares make themselves known.

Not that summer is over, and not that I'm looking for love, for it is not and I am not.  It was just the type of evening it was.  Perfect.  It's been a very sunny, summery summer.  I've spent it working a lot-most weeks 6 days.  This week was a difficult one, with difficult appointments, and difficult scenarios, and little in the way of reward or encouragement.  Love would feel so much better than that, tho' it doesn't pay the mortgage.

I am watching the light creep from the sky now....earlier and earlier it fades.  I love this time of year when there's still time to live in the evening.  I like to walk the dog and be outside after dinner rather than curled up under a blanket on the couch.  I feel more alive and vital, and I'm aware the vitality that the light brings is starting to inch away.  I don't want it to go. 

This summer I have fallen in love...with taking photos in that time period between after dinner and sunset.  I walk Tula and take photos and rejoice that there's been another sunny day to feed my weary soul.  Tonight was no exception....more photos in the fading light and a little longing from an empty place inside.

Beautiful hydrangea blossoms, just beginning to fade.

As many times as I've walked these rocks....this was the first time I noticed a few old pilings.  Probably an old wharf or docking area from years ago.

The little miss was stressed out tonight.  She was NOT reminded of being in love.  I think she would rather have been curled under a blanket next to the couch.  She kept jumping in my shots and whining....but I did get this nice take of her when she was wrestling with her own little "rescue dog" hang-ups. Maybe there was thunder way way way way way in the in NYC or something. Love her though.  My last dog would never have tolerated me taking photos on a dog walk....I would have found her doing victory laps through the yards of the nearby million dollar homes...and we would have been "walkers/photographers non gratis" in the vicinity.  I've learned to deal with Tula's rescue dog insecurities.
Beach if I haven't taken 10,000 others this summer.  But doesn't this photo say "summer love"?

Old garage on a side street between shore and golf course.  Nice.

Another piling in enchanting light and my dear companion animal.

The ordinary looked extraordinary this evening.

Along the edge of the golf course is where I found these lovelies.  A bumblebee was also checking them out.

A wonderful place to sit a ponder the running commentary of one's mind.....great view, enticing sunsets, no lines and no waiting.....just tranquility.


Rose said...

I think I know what you are put it into words so eloquently. I've felt it many times....when a certain ambience brings to mind a nostalgia for something free and beautiful...a journey of the imagination into other possibilities for that moment...or at least that's what your description brings to my mind.

Your photos are lovely...I especially like the driftwood shots and the hydrangea.

Clare B said...

I was sitting out on our balcony lastnight thinking about summer too and how lovely it is to be able to sit outside in jeans and a t-shirt as the sunset and just "be". There's the faintest suggestion of 'coolness' in the breeze now and I'm really, really not ready for autumn yet. Will have to relish the last of the summer nights.

Jamie said...

Something tells me falling in love with photography may actually be a better bet

Anonymous said...

beautiful peaceful images here. thanks for following me and for commenting. do please come back :)