Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Floating Away

Something I often say about myself is I wonder too much.  I think it's fact I know it is true.  This morning I was wondering about the word ponder and why it doesn't rhyme with wonder, but rather wander.  See what I'm saying? mind needs to just take a chill pill.

I don't even know how I got thinking about pondering, wandering, and just sort of happened-and this was before 7 a.m.  I'd only been up maybe 20 minutes when all this mind garbage was occurring.  Then a blessed event happened....the phone rang and broke the train of thought.  I'm such a weirdo, but I do have endearing qualities.

I'm about to take a little 3 day jaunt inland with some friends.  We're headed to Lovejoy Pond with the only definite item on the agenda "floaties".  You know those blow-up air mattresses type things that allow adults to stay "in" the water for extended periods of time.  They usually come in a variety of brilliant colors.  The mission is to do a lot of floating with a side of laughter and time outs for food such as ice cream and s'mores which I like to call "shmores" even tho' I know there's no "sh" sound at the beginning.  Frankly, I don't know how that started, but I'm not stopping it now.

Work has been stressful, long-houred, and annoying at best.  No one is having fun with real estate these days...the buyers are difficult, the sellers are difficult, the banks and lenders are difficult, the appraisers are difficult, the title companies...well they're all right, and the agents are wishing they'd selected other lines of least this agent is.  I'm hopeful I can leave all that difficulty behind while I'm floating on Lovejoy Pond with my friends and eating ice cream and shmores.

I've been out getting pictures, so I'll share those.  I have a strong suspicion what I'm photographing is far more interesting than floaties, ponder and wonder not rhyming, or anything else that might pop into my foolish mind this evening.

I've been waking up earlier and the sun has been waking up later, and that has been a good combination. This barn was beautifully lit yesterday morning.  When I see light like this, I have to stop and snap a few pictures.  I can feel Tula rolling her little K-9 eyes from the back of the car.

Here it is without the grasses.  This location is Snug Harbour Farm...a farm/garden stand that has pretty displays in a traditional setting.

Lest anyone be concerned, Tula did get her 2+ mile walk near the ocean.  I caught this lobster boat just heading out from the Kennebunk River.  I might like to crop this shot a bit, but I still think it's lovely just the way it is.

In the evening, I took my bicycle down to the beach area to find other things to photograph.  Middle Beach is all rocky and amongst the rocks I found several pieces of rope, discarded by the sea.

Before long the fog started rolling in....this young sailor was quickly heading back to shore.  I envied him sailing that little boat.  Maybe there will be little sailboats at Lovejoy Pond for me to use....or a kayak....that would be okay too.

Yah.  How could anyone not stop and take a picture of this pink rose?  It's not even a beach's a regular old rose.  Very pretty.

I took my Aunt Lois for an ice cream after my bike ride.  On the way home we were treated to this amazing sunset.  She was patient while I took a bunch of pictures.  I especially like this one with the reflection on the water and the little ripple beside it from a fish or bug.  This was a special view and I know my Aunt Lois really enjoyed seeing it as much as I did.

Sun and blue sky were back in full force again this morning.  Another eye rolling from Tula as I pulled off the road to snap a few pics.  We've certainly had a sunny summer here in Maine.  We are so lucky.

While I like this photo (there's something about a lone leaf that grabs me) it has a melancholy feel, and it is a hint of what is coming just around the corner.

I love the photo.  It looks better and better the bigger it gets, so click on it to see an enlarged version.  These fungi were growing on a decaying log in the woods where Tula and were walking.  I found the lavender edging immediately enticing.

Thank you for visiting.  I am overwhelmed as I watch the counter on my blog turn to 1,600.  I know compared to some blogs that number is child's play, but I now have 18 people who at one time or another thought they might be interested in what I have to say, or the pictures I happen to take.  I have made some new blog friends and received wonderful and kind comments from them and from those who casually stop by.  Back in April when I thought "what the hell?  I'll start a blog"  I didn't think anyone would ever read or care what I said.  I guess the sky's the limit.  I'm off for floating and shmores....catch you on the other side.


Clare B said...

love the sunset photo and you're right the fungi is wonderful. Have a great weekend - I'm off to Brighton for the weekend (unfortunately a work trip and not for fun) but hopefully they'll be opportunities for walking along the beach and having some tea and scones.

Jamie said...

Beautiful photos!

I think we share a few tendencies because I have a feeling I'm going to spend time tonight pondering wandering and wonder ;)

Anne said...

These pictures are amazing! That sunset is beautiful :)