Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hold 'em Up

I've been working a lot, at a job I don't particularly enjoy.  Long hours + luke-warm job interest = extra tired me.  Real estate is fraught with pit falls and pot holes lately and I've been slogging my way through them trying to keep my head above water.  So today it was extra wonderful not to have to work at all.  Yippee.

I was hoping to sleep in....didn't happen.  Out of bed at 6:00 a.m. on a non-working Sunday should be illegal in all states.  But once up, you might as well enjoy it.  I took Tula for a quick walk on the beach, then started the necessary housework items such as laundry, cleaning, etc. and then had the rest of the day for me, me, me.

So, what did I do?  Bra shopping.  Yuck.  Ladies, is this not the worst?  They never have the style you liked and purchased last time.  Undoubtedly it has been reworked into something else.  I find the displays of brassieres having formed cups sticking out from the rows and rows of racks amusing and yet annoying as they continually poke out and bump into me, or vice-versa.  And did you know that "lilac" is now one of the basic bra colors? used to be just white, beige, or black (or scandalous red).  Then there are those cumbersome plastic hangers.  I'm certain anyone who works in the lingerie department must go through months of training to learn how to neatly put bras back on those itty-bitty hangers.  I had great pity for the dutiful husband patiently waiting outside the fitting room for his wife.  I think he was the one soul that was more miserable than I.  What an awful scene.

Why I tortured myself with this undesirable task on a day that was mine to do with as I pleased is uncertain.  In case you're wondering I ended up with  two sensible and comfortable Playtex 18 hour bras. (Does anyone really wear one THAT long in a day?) Am I the only one who remembers the commercial where the woman would state "oh, my girdle is killing me."?  My brother used to say that as a kid and it was quite funny.  I'm pretty sure Playtex 18 hour something-or-other was the solution to her girdle crisis.  There was also the criss-crossed shaped tape measure that helped advertise the 18 hour bra. Girdle, what a funny word.  I'm getting waaaaayyyy off topic, and it's a topic that should die a quick death here and now.

Despite the long working hours, I've still managed to take photos most everyday.  I kind of can't help myself.  I think it's becoming an addiction.  I've captured some prettier than usual shots too, so I'm ready to share.

I've had it in my mind for a couple weeks that I wanted to photograph some hay bales.  On Thursday I got a chance.  When I walked into the field, I saw beautiful pinkish clover all around....and bees.  I got so excited with my macro setting I ending up stretched out in the grass focusing on bees and clover.  It was fun....I don't remember the last time I lay in the grass.  Then my phone rang and it was back to the office.'s hay.

Thursday after dinner I walked the beach.  The air was so pleasant....a perfect summer night.  I like this shot of the mouth of the Mousam where it spills out to the ocean.  Serene.

I passed an area where some children had written their names in the sand with their heels I suppose.  I couldn't remember the last time I wrote my name in the I did, but with a handy clam shell.

Thursday was the first time I really took pictures as and also right after the sun was setting.  Wowza.  This is just one of many.  I love the colorful reflections on the water.

On Friday evening, I took Tula for a walk along Ocean Avenue.  It offers stunning views of the rocky coast of Maine.  I spied this funny prickly cactus-like plant in several places between the shore and road.  I love the fuchsia.

If you continue walking along Ocean Ave you'll eventually see this view of the elder President Bush's estate.  Lots of tourists still stop there to take photos.  I snapped this quick one...mainly for the seagull that is faintly floating by up in the right corner.

Later I tried more sunset photos....these weren't as exciting as the previous night, but I caught the moon and it's reflection too.  That's kind of fun.

My photos from Saturday were rather uninspired....matching my mood.  I did sit and ponder the world for a 1/2 hour or so with this as my view.  The sweet little duck provided me company for a bit.

Guess who?  My beach baby and companion...catching some sun (and some mini non-scary waves) at the beach this morning.....before all the sun worshipers claimed our space.  I collected more than a dozen soda, beer, and water cans/bottles....still got an issue with careless people getting to use the beach more than the considerate dog owner....I'll get over it-September brings back fair play.  And I've done my fair share of "sneaking" past the no dogs signs.

Big surprise!  Beach rose.  I couldn't help it....but it's a white one this time.

Such a beautiful morning view.

No matter which way you look .

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my photos and of course my ever-enlightened views on bra shopping.  Please stop by again when you can.


Jamie said...

You photo of the reflection on the water is beautiful!!!

I hate bra shopping too, glad you at least managed time for photos too

laura said...

You did not tell me about bra shopping.... I love your pictures and your writing and your healthy addiction.

Rose said...

Ha, bra shopping, very humorous and accurate account. Sometimes, it's just best to close your eyes in your size-range and go with the first thing you grab.

Photos are lovely (as usual) the thistle and the moon and reflection.

Clare B said...

I agree, bra shopping is the pits - the thing that I hate the most is that there seems to be a bit of a fit-aesthetic-price ratio where you have to sacrifice one (can have nice fitting, nice looking bra but will have to mortgage house for it or can have a decently priced, well-fitting bra but it'll be the least sexy thing that you put on in the morning).

Sarah C said...

What gorgeous photos. Love your description of bra shopping as it's so spot on!!! Hope your job gets more enjoyable for you xx

Dorian Susan said...

Hey all....guess I should write about bra shopping again. Lots of sympathy. Obviously I'm not the only one. I figure I'm good for another year or so, that's the only bright spot. Appreciate your comments.