Sunday, August 29, 2010

Illuminate, 4/365

This post is in response to "illuminate", this week's prompt from Maegen at The Sunday Creative.  You can see other's take on illuminate at her blog Life Set to Words.
The Sunday Creative
I don't usually do this, so I'm surprised to find myself immediately moved to post about illuminate.  Normally the weekly word hangs in the nether regions of my mind for a number of days before making itself known. Today illuminate, illumination, illuminated has been with me most the day, tapping me on the shoulder, urging me on.  I finally have given in, despite the fact that it seems too soon.

This morning's light was lovely, taunting me, guiding me to it.  "Step this way please", it said.  "Follow me, find me, seek me, use me."  I've been thinking that's what guides me at this point in my limited photography experience.  Light.  Maybe I'm not alone; maybe that's just how it is. I have so much to learn.

Chasing the light.  I love that expression, really love it. But its not simply the photographs, its all encompassing.  I've been living dark for too long.  Often I still am and I don't like it.  I want to find the light, the illumination....I am seeking it, but at times it is so elusive, so difficult to find and tiring to chase.

I think most of us want to be illuminated...ideally we're all seeking that in places of worship, in partnerships we entangle ourselves in, in journals we write, in the books we read for inspiration and knowledge.  Why are so many of us feeling lost, seeking, trying, grasping to find what's good not bad, what is truth not befuddled in lies, what will nourish our bodies and souls?  The eternal quest.  Human nature I suppose.  My mind is always chasing the light, wondering, pondering, curious.  I grow bored and restless easily.  I am not well equipped for being still.

This evening I chased the light again.  I said I wouldn't, but couldn't resist tucking my camera in my pocket while I walked the dog.  The light is slipping away earlier and earlier as autumn nears.  Just before sunset an old classmate from high school was slipping a kayak into the river for an evening paddle.  I watched him glide into the pink hues of the setting sun and thought about how time really passes so quickly yet the mystery of it all is in fact, timeless.  I wondered if he felt illuminated, or if he is just as full of questions as I am....if he too is chasing the light albeit in a kayak rather than with a camera.  Just wondering too much, as always.

I spotted these dories this morning, illuminated by the sun.

{4/365}  I loved the clarity of their reflections and thought they'd be even more beautiful without the setting.  I'm really pleased with this photo...yay me.

It was very still this morning.  The water was still, the air was still, Dock Square-normally bustling with tourists-was still while the visitors slept in.  Lucky for me.  This bridge spans the Kennebunk river, dividing Kennebunk from Kennebunkport....unless you're a local, you can't really tell one from the other.

Waiting in the morning light for storekeepers and shoppers.

When I passed this home, I noted not only the pretty flowers but also the Sunday paper waiting on the stoop for the residents likely enjoying a lazy morning.

There was something melancholy about this bicycle left alone waiting for its owner to return. 

In a garden on the backside of South Church I found this white beach rose.  I have always most sensed God's presence when I am close to nature.  This felt like God was reaching out to near the church and all.  It was breathtaking.  I hope I've at least captured the mood.

All summer long I've wanted to shoot this row of pilings.  I've tried several times, but the light hasn't been quite right or the marsh was too wet to get a good angle.  Tonight they were illuminated perfectly.

Here's a little further down the row...not quite as nice, but I still like it.

My classmate Dave, chasing his light, and providing a great photo op for me.  Thanks Dave.


Sarah P. said...

Wow...great shots. Especially love the reflection of the boats.

justinegordon said...

wow, what a fantastic series of shots the light is so beautiful and it's all such picture postcard stuff - just so "American' (I mean that in a nice way!). They are stunning shots

Vanessa said...

My 2 favorites are the zoomed shot of the dories and the 1st of the pilings. Great post!!!

chasity said...

i'm trying to put a trip together to maine for this fall....
one of the prettiest places i've ever been.

your pictures make me want to go even more!!

that photo of the distressed wood posts is spectacular.

Linda Robinson said...

WOW, These are wonderful pictures...

Clare B said...

More beautiful photos from a crisp morning. Chasing the light is so appropriate for this week's prompt and I like the idea - both in its reality (for photos) and the more philosophical soul-searching kinda way.

Anonymous said...

oh i just love that second photo of the boats with their reflection.