Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's Misc. Thoughts...whatever

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Sometimes I think it would be really great to run away. 

2.  I find I am avoiding grocery shopping since the little 7 or 8 short-aisled in-town store closed in lieu of the BIG ASS superstore with too many football field length aisles to count.  I'm trying to change with the times, to embrace the bigness, to find a shopping window when the store isn't too crowded, to feel good about just "swinging by" to pick up a few things, but it's not happening.  I suppose if I were shopping for a family I would love the new store, but when you're shopping for one...hell, I buy the same stuff, eat the same foods, etc most every week.  I guess soon enough I'll remember that the pita bread is in the deli department on the far left side of the store and not in the bread aisle on the far right hand side of the store, near the milk and yogurt and stuff.  Whatever....

3.  I weigh too much...time to lay off the delicious and plentiful ice cream and start moving my ass a little more.  Poundage has got to go.

4.  Football season starts soon.  I am a fan.  My fan level has been steadily dropping for the past couple seasons and I wonder if this slide will continue or I'll re-entrench myself in the game.  I do love watching and playing fantasy football, but you sure miss a lot of things out the window when you're glued to the set every Sunday afternoon.  (see # 3 where I need to exercise),

5. I love my pets.  My princess cat is having a little skin irritation so she's kind of itchy and I feel badly that there's not much I can do for her.  My timid dog, boldly took a puppy-ish gallop through the marshy grasses on our walk last night.  She may end up a swimmer after all.

6.  I've reconnected with several old friends lately...I wonder what that's about.  It felt better than I thought it would.  I'm about to make a pretty big decision about the travels of my life...having a hard time making a full commitment to this big change and I wonder if that's why I'm reaching into the past and finding some comfort there.  Decisions are not fun and not easy to make.  In the past, I think I've had better luck reaching them.  The older I get, the harder they seem to be to make.  Aren't things supposed to get easier with practice?


Jamie said...

I miss small markets too.

Laloofah said...

Hey, Sue!

I can relate to #1 big time! :-)

If your big-ass supermarket is a Hannaford's, then I say "lucky you!" We were impressed with their organic produce selections and prices and with some of their vegan offerings we can only find in health food stores here (and pay primo $ for). But I love a really good farmer's market above all things, except organic goodies straight from our own garden.

Knocking off the ice cream is a very good idea, for more reasons than just your weight. But you don't have to give up the cold, creamy delicious taste of ice cream... all you need is a good food processor and some frozen bananas. Check it out! (I'll email you my recipe, too - it has a few more details and you can print it).

Sure know what you mean about football! As big a fan as I was, I could never bear to watch it if the weather was pretty outside. Autumn is just too nice to miss on those lovely days!

I hope Princess P finds relief for her itchy skin when the weather turns cool! Maybe it's just a heat-related thing?

And you've got me ever-so-curious about your "pretty big decision about the travels of [your] life." I know what you mean about decisions often being harder to make as we get older - maybe it seems there's more at stake than we were younger, or there's less time ahead to recover from the "bad" ones we make! ;-) You know the old trick about flipping a coin? If you think you can't decide between two options, flip a coin. You'll know when the coin is in the air how you're hoping it will land, or you'll know from the relief or disappointment you feel when you see the result. Works pretty well!

Here's my own miscellaneous thought to add - someday I'm going to learn how to leave brief, one sentence comments like most other people can, and be able to keep up better. But not yet. ;-)