Friday, August 27, 2010


This post is in response to the prompt "orient" from Maegen's "The Sunday Creative".  If you're interested in a variety of takes on this same prompt, head on over  to her blog, Life Set to Words and check it out.

 The Sunday Creative

I have tried very hard with the Sunday Creative not to go seeking my prompt, but to let it find me or reveal itself in the photos I have taken.  I loved the revelation this week.  With a heavy dose of rain induced crabbiness and cabin fever, I was delighted to awaken on Thursday morning to beautiful sunny skies.  A re-birth of sorts for me.

I woke up early enough to slip onto the beach with Tula....without disturbing any beach goers. [4 more days until the no dogs sign goes down :)]  The sun was beautiful, the air was crisp and clear, and there was nary a soul to be seen down the whole stretch of beach.

It's like being in a movie having this whole thing to yourself.  Sometimes I can't believe I'm lucky enough to live just a short drive from this incredible oasis.

Down to my left at the mouth of the river there were a variety of people fishing and surfcasting.  My brother is a fisherman and I remember he said..."fish the outgoing tide at the mouth of the river,"  just in case you need any fishing tips.  I do note when the tide is going out, there are always a lot more people fishing.

I don't think they catch much, but they always seem contented.

Tula and I walked all the way down to the far end....our footprints piercing the sand which had been wiped clean by the outgoing tide.

At the very end of the beach I could see something moving on the sand.  It was a baby seal flipping and flopping her way from the shore back into the ocean.  In all the years I've walked the beach that was the first seal I'd ever seen.  I wasn't close enough to catch a photo....too bad.  Got to keep saving for that DSLR....with plenty of zoom, zoom.

At the edge of the surf a lobster trap with buoy still attached was lodged in the sand.

I forgot to look inside to see if there were any lobsters.

Normally you find one or the other, rarely both together.  The previous day's stormy weather had offered this duo back from the sea.

The light was so lovely I kept taking photos, despite being chased away by the incoming waves.

On the return trip, the sun shines on your face and in your eyes.  In the winter time, the wind is usually at your back too which can be a blessing on a cold January morning. Tula and I walked to the opposite end of the beach where the fishermen were casting.  That's when "orient" hit me.

I saw the radiant sun and thought of orientation such as a compass point or cardinal direction.

But as I looked at the beauty all around me, it struck me that it wasn't so much orient, but "re-orient" that I was experiencing on this morning.  A reacquainting with something that is known to me, but seemed so new and exciting under the sun's blessing.

I've seen this view over and over again, but somehow it seemed renewed and fresh.

And the grass seemed greener and the sky couldn't have been bluer with just the hint of a white cloud.

And my camera filled with new pictures from the same old place I walk almost every week, year 'round.  This man was digging for clams while waiting for fish to take the bait.

Even in the absense of beach roses, now replaced by rose hips, there was new beauty to capture.

Thank you for stopping by and walking the beach with Tula and me.  We are now re-oriented with one of our favorite walks and hopefully you feel oriented as well.  I hope you will stop by again soon.


Jamie said...

Wow - when inspiration hit this week it was stunning

gibknitty said...

i love the way you describe your experience with words and photos. beautiful!

oh, and yay for 365!

Maegan Beishline said...

Great pictures and great interpretation! I love how you take the theme each week and find it not only through your camera but within your soul as well! It's beautiful and it speaks to me on so many levels!