Friday, August 13, 2010


This post in response to the prompt "raw" at The Sunday Creative.
The Sunday Creative

Been wanting to make my "raw" post for The Sunday Creative for several days, but work has been calling with a loud (and annoying) voice of late...and I sell real when it calls, it is best to answer as one never knows when/if it will call again-ever.  Blog-world has been quietly sitting and waiting for me with a hopeful and sometimes "come hither" eye. The stars have aligned today.

Last weekend I worked most of the day on Saturday, but had a little window of time for myself in the mid-afternoon.  I visited the local community garden as a curiousity seeker.  This is not the first, nor the last time you'll hear me say I am NOT a gardener.  Don't like it, not interested, it's dirty....but I appreciate all the effort it takes to be one and I enjoy the results.  I'm a fan.

The community garden turned out to be pretty amazing and a great space for taking pictures.  The next day when I learned the prompt was raw I was delighted to have a good assortment of "stuff" already in the can.  How lucky for me.  Let's hope I can find where I stored my seems like ages ago I shot them.
Remember that movie, Fried Green Tomatoes?  I loved that.  Never tried eating any tho'.

A couple plots over, that gardener had some red tomatoes coming.  Hmmmm.  Maybe they didn't see the film.

The entire garden is really quite large.  Interested gardeners pay a nominal fee to have a plot of land, tilled and ready to go for their use.  I think the plots come in 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 sections. This happy colorful fish was flapping in one corner of the garden and gives an idea of how large the space is.

Lovely, lacey, lettuce. 

Each individual's garden was unique.  This plot featured a large bean pole in the center.  I could see some green beans hiding amongst the leaves.

The purple ruffled edges of this plant were pretty in the sun.  Kale, I think.  I don't know anyone who eats kale....I wonder what you do with it.  I just posed that in somewhat question fashion which means it's likely my vegan friends will send me unique dumpling or crunchy dipping sauce suggestions....I'll fasten my seat belt.

Some gardeners planted flowers too.  I'm not a gardener.  I'd think you'd plant flowers to look at and if most the time you're home, not at the community garden....well it's kind of not making sense.  Sunflowers, maybe, but there were even some annuals here and there.  Not judging, just noting.

Everyone except me and George H. W. Bush likes broccoli.

I've never seen onions growing before....I almost missed these tucked under the other plants.  I'm not a big fan of the raw onion, but I know lots of people who are.  Pass them the breath mints.

I loved the little touches of individuality.

This red cabbage was one of my favorite finds.  It popped out in the sea of mostly green. (maybe that's why some people plant colorful flowers)

This purple was more difficult to spot.  I was lucky to spy it.

I suppose everyone but me knows what this plant is.  I don't think it's beets...but it could be.  Or maybe it's red leaf lettuce, but it isn't like what I see at the grocery.  Who knows?....but it was pretty and would likely taste good with some oil and vinegar.

Just outside the garden gate stands this colorful storage shed.  I was so excited about the funky colors, I forgot to peek in the windows to see what was inside.

Thank you for touring Kennebunk's community garden with me to see all the raw veggies.


gibknitty said...

that garden looks amazing! i am no expert and i am sure someone may correct me but that leafy green in the second to last shot may be rainbow swiss chard. and as for the kale, sauté it with garlic and serve as a side dish or over pasta. yum! great photos, thanks for sharing.

Linda in Winnipeg said...

It all looks great! I am going to a farmers' market tomorrow and maybe I will try out a new veggie! Now I am wondering what was in that cute little storage shed.


rj said...

I'm the director for this community garden and like any parent who could easily identify his child in a crowd; you took a great close up of my eggplant! Thanks!
Kale is a wonderful and nutritious veggie used in salads, soups, and soufflés. Tonight I just had a wonderful Portuguese soup with kale and a potato base with a slice of chorizo sausage.
The colorful fish wind sock marks the front of the Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR) section of the community garden where we raise produce for distribution to local food pantries and to those in need in our community and surrounding communities. There are over 700 tomato plants this year! Not to mention herbs, cabbage, and yes kale.
The shed was constructed by our high school students, painted by two or three community garden committee members, and contains the usual garden tools, string, and some uninstalled irrigation items. It’s as cute inside as it is “funky” outside!
Thanks for visiting our garden and helping us get the word out about it through your gifted photography.

Dorian Susan said...

Thanks for the inside scoop rj. I was very careful to be kind to the plants and the plots. Everything was just so beautiful. Glad the project is going well and appreciate the compliments on the photos.