Friday, August 6, 2010


Too lovely not to capture, and certainly shapely.

This post is in response to this week's Sunday creative prompt, "shapely".

The Sunday Creative

I've had a pretty tough and busy week therefore I did not shoot a manic amount of photos over the past few days, maybe just an ordinary amount for an obsessive photographer type.  I've kept shapely in the back of my mind hoping it would just appear to me when it was good and ready, but nothing had yet spoken to me.

I woke up early this morning, around 5....not a good time...7 might be nice...even 6:30.  When I'd resigned that there would be no more sleeping I decided to sneak onto the beach this morning, with the dog....tiptoe-ing beyond the "no dogs beyond this point" sign, again.  There ain't nobody beachin' that early anyway, what's the harm?  My brother often says "is this rule really enforceable?" when he wants to break one.  I was stealing from his rule adherence any "tsk, tsk" that may be on the tip of your tongue....please bypass me and direct towards him instead.

I have used the beach as subject for photos numerous times, and strangely I don't tire of it.  Seems there's always something new and different to see despite the vast quantity of sand, water, rocks and dune grasses...somehow it's forever morphing and has yet to bore me.

I was delighted upon early arrival to find a mixture of late sunrise and lingering fog and was instantly smitten with my old haunt.  I had no idea that I'd find "shapely" there on the flat surface of sand, but I did.  I hope you enjoy my captures.

How can one not be enthused when this view greets you?  This large driftwood piece has been "stuck" in the dunes for many weeks.  It will take a very large storm to move it along to a new resting place.
By the time I'd finished my walk, this fog over the mouth of the river was long gone.  It pays to wake up early.

I shared a photo of this lean-to in a post a few days back.  It was radiating in the morning sunlight and for certain is unique and shapely.

The little miss....inside the lean-to.  She has a way of standing "in" the shot, or "in" the light...but this was too cute for me to scoot her out of the way.

I NEVER thought I'd be so interested in kelp.  I've spent much of my life ignoring or avoiding it.  Lately I'm drawn to its's sleek, transluscent, and pliable qualities.  Is it okay to "love" your own photo?  I hope so, because I love this one.

Sometimes you find shells with clams still inside....but mainly the seagulls have already come and gone long before you.

I was thinking about all the things we humans throw into the ocean and the way the ocean spits them back to us re-shaped.

These footprints rather amused me....wonder who was walking on the water early this morning?  In case you're wondering, there was another set of prints made by the same boots coming back out of the water.  Hmmm.

Seagulls didn't get to this one.....yet.  The colors are remarkable in the morning sun.

By the end of my walk...the sun was out in full force.

Kelp...who knew?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out all my shapely beach pictures.  I always appreciate your visit. 


anmarie said...

wOW! So many shapely objects that you found. A successful outing!

gibknitty said...

those pictures are all gorgeous! love your dog (and hate those "no dogs" on beach signs!!!!)

Laloofah said...

I imagine the beach can be a real treasure trove of shapely goodies, and you certainly struck some gold there! So many beauties, but my favorites are the driftwood in the golden mist and both kelp ones, and Tula peeking out of the lean-to (that photo alone definitely made it worth breaking the no-dogs rule!) I also love the gorgeous pink flowers (petunias?) They look so soft! This was a fun prompt, and you did a superb job with it!

Jamie said...

Your photos are completely worth the early morning. I wish I could convince myself to do a early morning adventure

Clare B said...

Beautiful shapely images. I especially like the one with the beach curving around into the distance. It's lovely.

Maegan Beishline said...

Love all your images and all the shapely things you found to photograph this week!