Thursday, August 5, 2010



It's hot here in Maine again.  This summer has been hot and pretty dry.  I am NOT complaining; I'm noting.  Last summer it was cool and wet, this summer hot and dry....the ones holding the marionette strings....they be messin' with us.

Yesterday was the tipping point from a "summer" to a "hot and dry summer" as I switched my ol' window rattler air conditioner on again.  To spend a summer here, where normally the air is crisp and dry, and have the house closed up against the humidity is unusual.  Almost no one in this area has central A/C, it's simply not necessary....this year it may have been kind of nice.

I went to college in Jacksonville FL.  I had no idea what the hell people were saying when they said to me "cut on the A/C".  First of all A/C is so prevelant there that you just call it "A/C" rather than the full blown (pardon the pun) air conditioning.  Secondly "cut on".  What a funny expression.  Not turn on, not switch on, not please, or is it on....just "cut on the A/C" the cry of a desperate one.

When I first moved to Jax I met a generous friend named Mary.  She was so generous, she let a poor college student use her car....that was like, HUGE.  Thing is her car had no A/C.  It was this bright dark blue Ford or Chevy with blue vinyl seats.  Let me just say that mother would be some ass hot in July in Jacksonville FL.  I got to thinking that as a child around here....A/C was a luxury "add on" item a car dealership might offer.  It was not standard fare as it is today.

This week's theme is "summer" and I must say it's not been the best summer on record for me.  I've been to the beach once...for 2 hours on a Thursday aftenoon.  I've been working most of the summer....including most weekends.  I did have a fun long weekend with friends that I posted about earlier, but otherwise, it's been work, work, work.  I miss the working schedule of a teacher, when summer actually felt like summer; when my "new year" started in September, not January, when I was surrounded by the joy (and frustrations) of children.

This week's challenge said something like.....grab a little summer before it's too late.  Someone is thinking; someone knows.  So, I did grab a little summer this past week, before it was too late.

The golden sun glowing over the golden marsh with my golden colored dog Tula.  I'm sure this photo is over-exposed, but the look of joy on my girl's face in the early evening sun...this feels like summer to me.  I love to take an evening walk when there's a balmy breeze.  Tula likes to take a walk anytime.

This is Main St., Kennebunk on Sunday evening.  On Sunday nights the town settles into a lull as the weekend visitors return home, and the locals rest in preparation for the coming work week.

On the west side of town is "farm country".  My father grew up on a dairy farm with over 100 head of cattle and as a child, delivered milk to local residents and hotels with his father in the 1940's.  A typical scene as you make your way inland away from the ocean.

This sweet little birdhouse sits outside the home of an acquaintence.  He claims the beautiful flowers are all about his wife.  What a nice guy.

Iced coffee...with a sprinkle of cinnamon that sticks to the lid.  That's summer for sure.

Before the day guard on duty, just walkers and those, like me, who enjoy the morning light.

I've never appreciated flowers more than this summer since I started taking my camera most everywhere I go.  Flowers have provided me such joy and emotional lift this summer.

This is one of my (and Tula's) favorite walks along the Mousam River.  It is especially beautiful in early evening's light....despite the mosquitos and deer flies.

An omen of what is to come....and message to cherish today.


Clare B said...

We had a month of heat in July and now it's cooled right down to around 20-25 degrees. I'm craving a little more heat. I'm not done with summer yet and I'm worried it's just going to get colder from here!

Jane said...

Lovely shots, love the dog. Happy summer!

Jamie said...

As usual, you captured some amazing shots!

Laloofah said...

What a fun post! I got a real chuckle out of your description of your un-airconditioned borrowed car as "some ass hot!" I don't doubt it!

We're usually crackling dry and hot here in late July and August, with cinders falling on us from wildfires near and far and everything "some ass hot." But this year it's been rainy and very humid so far. It feels more like Jacksonville than Jackson Hole! (Not that I live in Jackson Hole, I'm several tax brackets too low for that!) ;-)

As for your photos, they're wonderful as usual! I love your golden girl in the golden grass bathed in golden light! And the pink flowers, especially the ones surrounding the cute birdhouse, but also the wild, leggy ones. And I'm really happy to read how much you appreciate flowers since being bit by the shutter bug! :-) You sure get wonderful photos of them, so they must appreciate you back!

The Main Street, K'bunk photo is another of my favorites in this batch. It's a lovely shot, and for me nostalgic. (Maybe one of these days you can wander out ol' Maple Top way and snap a few!)

Hope you can laze around a bit before summer fades out, and sip a mint julep or two on the verandah. ;-)

Berg said...

I love the pink flowers set against the sky. Beautiful!

Melanie said...

That pic of the pink flowers is especially beautiful. Well composed and great perspective.