Wednesday, September 29, 2010

365 Catch Up

A few days ago I realized that I'm behind in posting my 365 pictures.  Its not that I haven't taken them...approaching the 10% completed mark I've taken a photo everyday thus far and I'm enjoying it.  I think there have been 2 days when I had to really scramble to find something sort of "last minute", but other than that I'm proud that I've kept up with my self-imposed task.

What I haven't done is always shared what my daily photo is, so I'm devoting today to 365 catching up.

{23/365} I needed a currency shot for one of my photo challenges and planned to use this...until I got something a little prettier.  I still like this photo of my wallet.  Who needs bulky leather?  I called this photo "Foldin' Money".

{25/365}  I took this on a Sunday morning.  I stopped in front of a house with beautiful flowers and while I was taking shots the lady of the house shouted a friendly retort from the window.  I hastened along and around the corner found her old garage ripe with photo possibilities.  I call this "A Window in a Window" as I like how you can see through to the left side of the structure.

{27/365}  I listed a home for sale recently.  In the afternoon I stopped by to photograph the rooms.  I couldn't help but get sidetracked by the way the light was hitting this old glass doorknob.  This one is called "John Lord's doorknob" after the man who owned the property for more than 50 years.

{28/365} Waking up early is discouraging, unless you can convince those weary bones to also get up, get dressed, grab the dog and camera and go out and get some sunrise shots.  Wasn't happy with the early wake up, but taking the photographs was a blast.  "Uprising".

{29/365}  I've driven past this old truck many times this summer vowing to stop and photograph it one day.  Last week the stars aligned and I finally had reasonable light, my camera at the ready, and time.  "Old Dodge Truck".

{31/365} "Ripple".  Maybe someone knows what country this flag represents.  It is flying outside the local high school beside the German, Japanese, and two others.  Not my favorite photo...this was one of those days I was scrambling to find a photo and watching the light fade at the same time.

{33/365}  Its been a rather dreary week here in Maine.  I grabbed this photo after work a few nights back in the drizzle.  The 3 colors I found of well as that funky fire escape.  "Color Block".

Thanks for stopping by to help me catch up with my 365.  I do also post photos to my Flickr account and have been sure to keep my 365 up to date there....otherwise I surely would lose track of what happened and when.  If you're interested the link is Susan's Flickr Account and it has my 365 as well as a variety of other photos. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Day 34/365

This post is part of "Today" over at Communal Global.  Visit their blog and see what others are doing around the globe today.

I'd like to tell you that today amazing and exciting things are happening here in southern Maine, but it is a dreary overcast day of ordinary measure.

To help beat the hum-drum quality of the day I had breakfast out with my best friend which included a grilled mixed berry muffin.

{34/365} Here's the assorted paperwork clogging my desk and mind today.

On my way back from an appointment I saw this scene at the front steps of the local library.

I couldn't help but stop and snap a few of Josh perched in mid-air working on the detailed trim.

We exchanged some pleasantries....Josh is always one for pleasantries, and then I headed back to the office.

Where all this was still waiting for me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nothing {32/365}

This post is in response to "nothing" the prompt for this week at The Sunday Creative at Maegen's wonderful blog "Life Set to Words".  Check other interpretations of nothing there.

The Sunday Creative

It may seem like nothing.....

but if you try.....

and sometimes you must try very, very hard.....

amazing things can happen....

and you can find the joy, delight, and satisfaction....

{32/365}  in you.

With thanks to my nephew who often helps me see what I should already know.  Our life lessons come to us in many ways and forms.  The wisdom of being 4.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 30/365

This post is in response to Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ashley Sisk's blog Ramblings and Photos.  Check out Ashley's blog to see what others found on their scavenger hunt and also to check out Ashely's amazing photos and creativity.

This week's hunt included: miniature, water droplet, bedhead, colorful, and eyes.

I had to think for awhile about miniature.  Yesterday it dawned on me that my new hearing aids are quite miniature-and they do much more than their little size might indicate.  I find it amusing that when people learn that I wear hearing aids their first remark is "I can't even see them!"  They get so enthralled with the discreetness of them, they rarely ask me how well I can hear with them.

Water droplet
  I found this beautiful flower on my walk this morning.  The bonus was the water droplets all over it.

I live alone and have short hair....bedhead isn't a big factor around my place.  One morning my cat was sitting sweetly on my pillow after I arose.  Of course as soon as I was ready to take the shot off the Princess went to a new perch, leaving me a photo of a pillow and and unmade bed.  Sigh.....

{30/365} Colorful
Autumn is in the air and the leaves are beginning to change and float downward.  I liked this selection in various stages of color.

 I was out looking for light photos last Sunday morning when I bumped into the local reverend walking her 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs.  She was giving them a quick around the block before she had to get to work, but let me grab a photo.  Betsy decided to lie down and rest, but Ben was perfectly willing to strike a pose.  Ben does have soulful eyes.

I had a good time searching for my scavenger hunt items.  Thanks for checking out what I found.  If you'd like to play along, you're more than on the button above to find out how to join in.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


On-goingly my phone also reports the time

I've been thinking about time lately.  Thinking about time quite a bit and wondering if time may be the most precious thing of all.  Probably not....maybe love or faith or hope is more precious, but to me time has been feeling valuable, fleeting, elusive, uncontrollable and a bunch of other descriptive words. 

I'm not sure why time is on my mind so much.  It may be the equinox with a big 'ol fat full harvest moon; it may be the new and different commitments I've added to my schedule or the ones I've taken away; it may be the birthday that went by about a month ago; it may be the season 5 episodes of Lost I'm watching involving time travel; it may be I just wonder too much.  That wondering thing is usually the culprit....gets me into trouble all the time.

While I like fall, it is a difficult season for me.  Toward the end of August I get blue as light eases from the days earlier and earlier.  It is a season of slowing down and of dying off.  I don't like the sense of fading and at times I feel myself fading along with it.  Summer seems so jubilant and carefree in comparison and it is sad to see it waning.

The last gasps.....

My father collects antique clocks.  He doesn't have a large collection just a half dozen or so.  In my mind I can hear the ratchety sound of him turning the key to wind them.  Sometime in May one of his large clocks suddenly fell off the wall at the office.  I was standing not far away and could see the clock falling but there wasn't enough time to get there and stop it. The clock did not smash, but is in need of repair. 

For several months now the clock has been stretched atop the wood stove awaiting a trip to the repair shop.  The clock's face has no hands.  It makes no tick-tock, chimes on the hour, or alarms.  Time in this case stands still.  Hmmm.  I think about how much time has gone by since it fell and wonder when it will be repaired.  For weeks I continued to glance at the wall where it had been....hoping to find "the time", but having to look elsewhere to satisfy my time-conscious mind.

It is no time o'clock

In our youth we long to be older, grown up.  Time stretches out and we beg for it to hasten.  As we age time quickens and we long for time to slow.  We savor time and scold ourselves for having been so frivilous and wasteful with our time when we were younger. 

We vow to "make time" or "take time" or to "take time out" for things of importance.  We talk of having a great time, a hard time, a meaningful time, a once-in-a-lifetime, or creating quality time.  We sigh and say that time has gotten away from us, that there isn't enough time, that we wish we had more time, or regret that there isn't time enough for everything.  No vacation is long enough "if we'd just had a few more days, weeks, months".....if time really could stand still.  Alas, it can not.

The time patterns of my days are shifting.  I'd been in the habit of sleeping "late" 'til 8 a.m. or so.  My body is now waking me at 4 or 5 a.m.  I'm not certain why the change.  This morning I decided to stay in bed and read.  To use my time wisely (as the teachers used to say), rather than be frustrated with time that seemed useless or wasted in fret.

I'm not sure why I'm writing about time today.  In fact I must stop because I have an appointment soon...time is dictating what I need to do, where I need to be.  There is no "time in a bottle" and time has no favorites or chosen few.  Time is what it is and will be what it is and it is the same for one and all.  Our lifetimes are of limited time that we have no knowledge what duration they will be-until they are no longer.  Time is precious, and perhaps I'm even right on this one, it may be the most precious thing of all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Abundance of Flowers

The Sunday Creative


This post is in response to "Abundance" over at Maegan's blog Life Set to Words AND in response to "Flowers" over at Beth's blog I Should be Folding Laundry.  I love and admire both of these women's work and the spirit they bring to create a supportive blogging community.  Do take a moment to visit their blogs and see the many interpretations of Abundance and Flowers.

I've never been much for flowers.  I am not a gardener, nor do I care to be one.  I've spent most of my life nonchalantly glancing at color and then nonchalantly carrying on with my day.  That is until this past summer. 

In May I picked up my point and shoot camera which had been gathering occasional photos of my pets and primarily dust for the past couple years....and decided to start taking photographs.  I'd been looking for some kind of creative outlet that wasn't hearing dependent and something I could get excited about.  Since around Memorial Day I've taken likely 8,000-10,000 photographs.  I've taken close-ups and landscapes, beaches, fields, statues, bulldozers, rivers, leaves, bicycles, seaweed, waves, chairs, doors, windows, my cat, my dog and lots and lots and lots of flowers.  An abundance of them.

About a week and a half ago I purchased my first DSLR camera and started taking a digital photography class.  (still excited) No sooner had I attached the strap to the camera body and the teacher said "we'll be shooting in manual."  No little flower icon for macro, no mountain icon for landscapes...time for aperture and shutter speed, f's and ISO.  It's all good and it's up to me to figure it all out.

Last weekend I took a walk near the ocean with my dog.  The surf was loud and thunderous due the outskirts of hurricane Igor, so the little miss was stressed out.  I chose to walk the road rather than the shoreline back to the car which turned out to be an abundant blessing.  I found the most beautiful purple, cream and  fuscia garden along a split rail fence.  What a perfect opportunity to give my new camera a work out.

An inspirational garden beside mossy split rail fencing.

Delicious colors

Most of the time auto-focus was stuck on the right which paid off on this shot.  Well not exactly stuck, but I couldn't figure out how to re-set it.  Now I know.

This bumble bee was drinking in nectar from the lilac colored cosmos.

The top of the fence post decorated with a burst of color.

I did find more beautiful flowers this week, nearly everywhere I looked.

I loved the bold pink of these flowers I found enhancing a stone wall.  Straw flowers maybe?

Hardy mums are a New Englad staple.  I found these in a local farm stand display. the same farm stand.  They've got lots.

This elegant white rose was part of the decor in church last Sunday.

These past few months have taught me a alot about myself, photography, and flowers.  By seeking out and by shooting the radiant colors I also stop to think how beautiful they are and notice what makes them distinct.  I guess I might call that abundance.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seeing beyond 26/365

This post is in response to Communal Global, a wonderful blog with photos from around the world.  Please visit their blog and see what's happening around our beautiful world. Here is my today via my eyes in small town Maine.

I am fortunate to live in a picturesque area.  When tourists are filling the local beaches, shops, restaurants, and farm stands and driving too slowly, heads swiveling to take in the sights, (sigh) it can get a tad annoying for local folks.  Most of the time however, I realize the blessings of having these treasures available to me everyday.

I've been sharing my time with my new DSLR camera and it's manual settings.  I've had it one week and we're still becoming acquainted.  I've been taking it everywhere the tourists go, but I'm also trying to note the beauty in the everyday...and I'm just starting to discern-it's everywhere: one just has to look.  My photography is helping me see the world anew.

This old 4-story mill building is RIGHT next door to my office.  Ho-hum, I notice it, but I don't notice it.  I should more often.  It is full of eye-catching details.  You know I'm a local when I call it "Kesslen Shoe" rather than The Lafayette Center.

Bet there's a need for a drainage or gutter adjustment somewhere. 

The way the sun was hitting this substation made me pull over to snap a few.  While I found this pretty, the incessant and powerful (pardon the pun) "hum".....that I'm not so enamored of.

This building is for lease....vacant and currently unwanted.  When I glanced over at it, the colors took me back to some of the islands I've visited in the Bahamas and Virgin Islands.  In those locations I might find this view in town, yawn and walk on by.

Put a palm tree next to this and I'm in St. Croix. (wearing fleece).

{26/365}  I have already admitted to my "door" obsession.  Love the color palate I found on the side entrance.

And I'd never have noticed that building had I not stopped to shoot this row of beautiful raspberry colored weeds next to a newly installed fence. One must be ready for the sights that are all around us.

Thanks for viewing "today" in my part of the world and checking out my blog as well.  I appreciate your visit.  Please stop by again as my camera and I are just beginning to grow together.