Monday, September 6, 2010

10, 11, 12/365-On the Water

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This post is in response to "On the Water" over at In a Yellow House where you can check out some of the other takes on the water as well.

I've wanted to post something on "In a Yellow House" for awhile, but haven't connected at the right time or have had perfectly yucky pics that didn't fit the weekly theme.  This week's theme is "On the Water" and I just spent Labor Day weekend on the water.  Seemed like a perfect match.  Today I'm linking up an earlier post that has a couple of interesting water shots from my time off.  The dog picture...that's got nuttin' to do with water, it's just part of the 3 shot package.  Thanks for checking out my pics...always appreciate the visit and any comment you might care to leave.

Remnants of Hurricane Earl pound the Maine shoreline.

Bubbles at a fresh water spring

My sweet but timid rescue dog Tula. 
 She is not a big fan of the camera but was very patient during our morning walk today.


Cherry said...

Hope you are feeling brighter Susan. Gorgeous waves and bubbles. Love the colours in the bubbles. Tula looks a honey. Cherry XXX

Jamie said...

That first image is amazing!

Yellow House said...

I love the bubbles! Great shots!