Wednesday, September 29, 2010

365 Catch Up

A few days ago I realized that I'm behind in posting my 365 pictures.  Its not that I haven't taken them...approaching the 10% completed mark I've taken a photo everyday thus far and I'm enjoying it.  I think there have been 2 days when I had to really scramble to find something sort of "last minute", but other than that I'm proud that I've kept up with my self-imposed task.

What I haven't done is always shared what my daily photo is, so I'm devoting today to 365 catching up.

{23/365} I needed a currency shot for one of my photo challenges and planned to use this...until I got something a little prettier.  I still like this photo of my wallet.  Who needs bulky leather?  I called this photo "Foldin' Money".

{25/365}  I took this on a Sunday morning.  I stopped in front of a house with beautiful flowers and while I was taking shots the lady of the house shouted a friendly retort from the window.  I hastened along and around the corner found her old garage ripe with photo possibilities.  I call this "A Window in a Window" as I like how you can see through to the left side of the structure.

{27/365}  I listed a home for sale recently.  In the afternoon I stopped by to photograph the rooms.  I couldn't help but get sidetracked by the way the light was hitting this old glass doorknob.  This one is called "John Lord's doorknob" after the man who owned the property for more than 50 years.

{28/365} Waking up early is discouraging, unless you can convince those weary bones to also get up, get dressed, grab the dog and camera and go out and get some sunrise shots.  Wasn't happy with the early wake up, but taking the photographs was a blast.  "Uprising".

{29/365}  I've driven past this old truck many times this summer vowing to stop and photograph it one day.  Last week the stars aligned and I finally had reasonable light, my camera at the ready, and time.  "Old Dodge Truck".

{31/365} "Ripple".  Maybe someone knows what country this flag represents.  It is flying outside the local high school beside the German, Japanese, and two others.  Not my favorite photo...this was one of those days I was scrambling to find a photo and watching the light fade at the same time.

{33/365}  Its been a rather dreary week here in Maine.  I grabbed this photo after work a few nights back in the drizzle.  The 3 colors I found of well as that funky fire escape.  "Color Block".

Thanks for stopping by to help me catch up with my 365.  I do also post photos to my Flickr account and have been sure to keep my 365 up to date there....otherwise I surely would lose track of what happened and when.  If you're interested the link is Susan's Flickr Account and it has my 365 as well as a variety of other photos. 


Ashley said...

Some great shots. I love the door knob!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Susan, I love the weathered building and doorknob..........Did you wave back at that nice lady? Why have flowers if not to let everyone enjoy them? Geepers!

Jamie said...

All beautiful, but the doorknob is my favorite.

Clare B said...

Great photos. I like the doorknob too - the light is very special.