Monday, September 6, 2010

Doing Nothing

I spent part of this weekend away at the family cottage doing nothing.  Doing nothing is a beautiful thing. 

There are very few places where I can become calm and still enough to do nothing.  Most the time I bounce from "shoulds" to "have tos" to "past dues" to obligations.  My brain, I think, is made up of thoughts attached to ping pong balls...or maybe super balls, that never stop hopping around.  I do wonder why it is so hard for me to be still.  But this weekend I achieved it, at least for a little while. 

Amazing that when it happens, time stretches out, and exhaustion sets in.  I napped with ease on the couch.  I wanted to read my book, but my eyes were not cooperating.

The location of the cottage is on the rocky coast of Maine.  Our property is sited within a nature preserve (please....I TOTALLY get how lucky I am) so to the front is a gorgeous view of the ocean and on the other 3 sides the house is wrapped in tall pines.  Think picture postcard Maine, nestled in the pines with an ocean view and you've got it.  The location lends itself to the art of unwinding.  Perhaps I should spend a year there.

I also took my beloved pets with me.  They too caught the relaxation vibe and dozed in the sunlight pouring in through the giant glass sliding doors that look out to sea.  Tula got a chance to just "be a dog" and run in the woods and on the rocks and Princess "P" stole cat naps upstairs and down.  Ah the life.  The two of them are already well-versed at doing nothing.

Some photos from the times when I was awake and doing nothing. 

Its a million dollar view from the deck of the cottage.

When not dozing on the couch....I was dozing in these Adirondack chairs.  Nice.

Yah, I know.

Sometimes sailboats, lobstermen, Osprey, ducks, or kayakers go by....or not.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Princess P found her own slice of heaven in the sun.

On Sunday my Mom and I hiked up Higgins Mountain for an overview of the area.

Too bright for good photos...but behind that beautiful cell tower is the blue Atlantic.

Later we had lunch overlooking views of the harbor.

That's not our cottage...that one is on an island and only accessible by boat.

Lobsterman's skiffs on the commercial float.

Even the weeds get a good view.

Thanks for stopping by to learn about my ping pong ball brain and doing nothing with these phenomenal views as a backdrop.  I am lucky to have such an amazing place to unwind.
 Your visit is always appreciated.


Jamie said...

What a PERFECT way to spend a weekend.

Rose said...

You have a family cottage? That is so awesome.

Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely photos, Dorian. Sounds like a beautiful weekend. I'll have to check out Higgins Mtn. We live in western Maine lakes region, Norway to be exact and have lots of mountains and trails here that we've climbed and walked and are always looking for another beautiful one to tackle.

Sarah C said...

What a beautiful place to get away from everything. I have a friend who's originally from Maine. Bet she's wishing she was into photography when she lived there with scenes like this. Hope you were able to leave your ping pong brain there xx