Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall is 20/365

Today is Tuesday....time for Communal Global.  I love the spirit of photos from around the world.  Here's my little corner.

Fall is approaching quickly here in Maine.  I see the light slip from the sky earlier an earlier.  I try to enjoy the sunny bits of September without looking over my shoulder.....but I know what is coming next.  After a quick bite I took my new camera out for a test drive.  Lots (and lots and lots) to learn, but I can't wait to make it sing.  Of course I didn't read the manual yet; of course the dumb flash kept popping up and I am primarily a "no flash" kind of girl; of course I tried to remain calm and figure it out and yet still have time for pictures; of course tomorrow is another day.

This view I've taken before....but it still is ever changing.  I would have liked to process the photo at least a bit....but this is straight from the camera.  Feels like fall to me.

{20/365}  Six Pines


Jamie said...

What a stunning view!

Linda Robinson said...

What a great shot. That reflection is so beautiful... I am a no flash gal also.. And I have a canon Rebel also.. I am just getting use to finding the setting for no flash.. But every time I am in Auto it still pops up.. That one way to learn a the manual mode I guess..

Carol Blackburn said...

Great photo, Susan.

Rose said...

What a gorgeous photo! You captured the reflexion in the water perfectly.