Friday, September 10, 2010

Macro Madness 15, 16/365

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing....and that is, if I remember, I can post something to Macro Friday over at Blogging from Bolivia.  Beautiful blog-take a peek.

I love macro shots.  Perhaps much like the grass is always greener saying, because my camera doesn't do macro shots so well.  Its a point and shoot.  While I shouldn't begrudge my camera-it is producing some lovely shots for me, there are times when I wish it were more of a workhorse than it is.  I'm still saving my pennies for that DSLR and the pennies are getting close to enough.  I just want to make a good choice, you know?

Here are my macro attempts for today's post.

{16/365}  Through the Guardrail.

This is a place where another vertical support post would have been attached if necessary.  The resulting hole left for some sort of bolt gave me a little window to look through  to the water this morning.

{15/365}  Hand Towel.

I belong to a daily challenge group through my Flickr account.  Yesterday's challenge word was towel.  This was my take.

Thanks for checking out my macroness for the day.


Jamie said...

Love that first photo!

Just Me said...

Very nice macros! I love the edit on the hand towel. Enjoy your weekend!

Mom of M&Ms said...

great macros.. and i don't use a macro lens at all. I have fun and it looks like you do too! My 6 year old likes your pictures a lot!!!!

Mommy2Four said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the first one!

Laura said...

Very neat shot! I love the perspective on that first one.

I'm with you on longing for a DSLR ;-)

Ewa said...

I know what you mean about DSLR, they are a bit expensive, I saved for mine and I am very happy now :)

KT said...

very interesting... I love the texture!