Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mama Said There'd be Days......6/365

Oh yes...they warned me about the days when inspiration becomes limited, when time gets away from you, when there is no light and you NEED a daily picture.   I was hoping it wouldn't happen to me in the first week of my 365, but my Day 6 was a day I don't want to repeat on many, many levels....none of which have to do with my Project 365.  So, here's the results of my "make it work" moment as Tim Gunn likes to say.



Carol Blackburn said...

Let there be LIGHT.................(your creativity is showing)

Sarah P. said...

I really like this photo! Great work.

Jamie said...

You made it WORK

Clare B said...

Looks great. You'll be very excited when you get your new computer and some editing sofware. Even the smallest "tweaks" in white balance etc will make you smile and all the work you've put in taking beautiful shots out of the camera will pay off.