Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seeing beyond 26/365

This post is in response to Communal Global, a wonderful blog with photos from around the world.  Please visit their blog and see what's happening around our beautiful world. Here is my today via my eyes in small town Maine.

I am fortunate to live in a picturesque area.  When tourists are filling the local beaches, shops, restaurants, and farm stands and driving too slowly, heads swiveling to take in the sights, (sigh) it can get a tad annoying for local folks.  Most of the time however, I realize the blessings of having these treasures available to me everyday.

I've been sharing my time with my new DSLR camera and it's manual settings.  I've had it one week and we're still becoming acquainted.  I've been taking it everywhere the tourists go, but I'm also trying to note the beauty in the everyday...and I'm just starting to discern-it's everywhere: one just has to look.  My photography is helping me see the world anew.

This old 4-story mill building is RIGHT next door to my office.  Ho-hum, I notice it, but I don't notice it.  I should more often.  It is full of eye-catching details.  You know I'm a local when I call it "Kesslen Shoe" rather than The Lafayette Center.

Bet there's a need for a drainage or gutter adjustment somewhere. 

The way the sun was hitting this substation made me pull over to snap a few.  While I found this pretty, the incessant and powerful (pardon the pun) "hum".....that I'm not so enamored of.

This building is for lease....vacant and currently unwanted.  When I glanced over at it, the colors took me back to some of the islands I've visited in the Bahamas and Virgin Islands.  In those locations I might find this view in town, yawn and walk on by.

Put a palm tree next to this and I'm in St. Croix. (wearing fleece).

{26/365}  I have already admitted to my "door" obsession.  Love the color palate I found on the side entrance.

And I'd never have noticed that building had I not stopped to shoot this row of beautiful raspberry colored weeds next to a newly installed fence. One must be ready for the sights that are all around us.

Thanks for viewing "today" in my part of the world and checking out my blog as well.  I appreciate your visit.  Please stop by again as my camera and I are just beginning to grow together.


likeschocolate said...

What a great look at some of the things that are often looked at as not so pretty. I love all the brick buidings of the east coast.

Maddy said...

Isn't it wondeful? When I got my camera, it was like I was seeing the world for the very first time. The rust on a door that might normally turn me off, all of sudden becomes beutiful and unique. The cipping of a paint job, anything can (and often is!) a beautiful photo opportunity!

Jamie said...

Wow - you found beauty in the most amazing places.

the Lola Letters said...

I LOVED this post! Beauty everywhere. Especially love that old building and side door.