Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yesterday; 17, 18/365

I had the greatest day yesterday.  Really.
I woke up "oh crap it's Saturday, why am I awake at 5:23?" early and decided to get up rather than try to create a couple more hours of dozing.  I grabbed a quick shower and headed for Portland hoping to catch morning light there.  I had some success and lots of walking and searching.  I need to learn how to manage and navigate light when tall buildings keep getting in the way.  Ah....I'm sure I'll figure it out; eventually.

No matter....I walked around town; the Old Port, the Waterfront, the art district, and some other areas that likely have monikers I'm unaware of.  I walked for about 1 1/2 hours until the sun got too high and my stomach was complaining of emptiness too much.

I was planning to eat at Becky's Diner (nothin' finer), but then remembered a small restaurant called the Bayou Kitchen I'd wanted to try since photographing their cool sign way back in June.  Fabulous breakfast!  Best one I've had in I don't know how long.  Great little diner with friendly service as well and if you're into the Cajun thing, well...they've got it. I'm not much for spicy food, but they have a whole rack of hot sauces to choose from if you want to liven up your entree a smidge.

Across the street is an amazing bakery that makes incredible fresh breads and sandwiches so I took a visit there and bought a loaf of "many" seeded. if that weren't to the bread place is an art supply shop where I went and drooled purchased a few necessities for my Project Sketchbook needs...(mostly erasers)....and then (doesn't this remind you of a 2nd grader telling a story?) I hopped in my car and drove to a camera store where I looked very seriously at a couple of DSLR cameras and probably made the very helpful salesman, Frank, crazy.  Actually, I don't think that's true; he was very kind and passionate about his work.  Did I say patient...yes; he was patient.  I like doing business with local "Mom and Pop" shops....enough of these impersonal big box stores-okay I'm getting off task.....

I did not purchase yesterday....I went there with $5 in my pocket on purpose, but I imagine it won't be long now.  I'm looking at an entry level DSLR either the Nikon D3000 or the Canon EOS Rebel XS.....if anybody would like to weigh in and let me know which way you think I should go, your help would be very much appreciated.  I mean I'd love a Nikon D90, but we're at "starting" level with "starting" monies.  I can add lenses (and many other things) later on.

Not only did all that wonderful stuff happen (before 10:30 a.m.), but as I was heading home after my magnificent morning, I remembered that Portland Percussion was in the same vicinity, so I stopped in and bought myself a belated birthday present.  I've needed a drum throne for my drum kit for a long time, so "happy birthday me".  Last weekend when it actually was my birthday I had a very sad day, but today I had a wonderful day.  It's all in the moon and the stars I guess.

The remainder of my day included study time, a trip to the gym, playing with the photo processing program on my secretary's computer, and my nephew's 4th birthday party.  Is it any wonder I was asleep on the couch at 9:30? (with a smile of my face, of course.)

{17/365}  This was my first shot of the day.  I loved the brilliant colors.  I enjoyed being in the city before it was "open" for the day.

I'm going to "own" that I have a door thing.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.

In the back of my mind all day was the sense that it was 9/11.  Portland Fire Station; ready for service.

I don't know....I just felt like taking it.

Portland has so many historic buildings.  My bad...I can't remember what this one is.  I like it tho'.

Some of my younger Facebook friends tell me that seeing Collie Buddz is way legit.  Apparently this is the place to get tickets.

Over 100 photos before coffee and breakfast.  I am an amazing woman and I need to remember that.

The funky little Bayou Kitchen.  I love it's vibrancy.

Organic bread at Big Sky Bakery.

Had I not just had breakfast, I might have been inclined to have some lunch.

I remember the touch of regret my family felt when my nephew was born at 12:10 a.m. on Sept 11th.  Now I'm happy.  It makes a mournful day joyful instead.  While I remember what happened on that day 9 years ago....I choose to think of life, hope, and future instead.  Happy 4th my sweet Quinn.  I hope you wished big.

{18/365} And once in awhile I actually do cook!  This morning's French toast breakfast with my seeded bread from the bakery.  Delicious.

Thank you visiting my blog and sharing in my happy day yesterday.  Honestly....I really needed one.  I'm glad I blogged about it today.  Next time things ain't so good, I'm going to read this post again.  Now I'm ready for some football!!


Jamie said...

What a blissful day!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Susan, all lovely photos as usual. Glad you had a beautiful day and have all these lovely memories.

laura said...

Hey Susan,

See I did read your post like I said I would. I am so glad you had such a nice day in Portland. I wish you many more. I love the picture of Quinn.