Saturday, October 23, 2010

41, 42, 43, 47, 49, 51, 55, 57/365

This post is in response to my lazy ass.  I guess that's not entirely fair, and perhaps I'm being a little hard on myself (my best friend would be smiling and nodding now).  I have been absolutely true to my self-imposed task of doing a 365.  This is a challenge to take at least one photo every single day and if desired document your progress.  I haven't missed a day yet.

Where the lazy part comes in is the posting portion.  Between numerous photo challenges, trying my hand at Photoshop, taking a digital photography class (w/homework), having a computer that is nearly ka-put, oh yes and the ever important JOB....the posting portion of my 365 has been a little hit or miss.  I thought I'd use today to do a little catching up.  I have kept up to date on my Flickr account which I'm grateful that I did....or I wouldn't have a clue what photo goes with what day.

One thing I've noticed about this 365 is at times it has no mercy.  One day I'll have a variety of what I feel are quality photos at "where I'm at" as a novice picture taker and then next day I'll have a bunch of disappointments and struggle to choose something I want to stand behind.  In fact sometimes I'd like to stand in front of it so no one can see it, but that's not what this year is about. 

I also need to cut myself some slack as I'm into a new camera just one month now.  I think it was a big jump to go from point and shoot to DSLR....straight to manual.  I still have a lot of understanding to get to with my new friend.  Enough blabbing....on to the pics.

{41/365}  I like this photo.  I've shown it to a couple friends who were luke-warm on it.  I snapped it one day when the workmen re-pointing the brickwork on the mill building next door were on coffee break.  I'm discovering this type of photo is currently one of my fav shots to do-the shallow depth of field.  A couple months ago, I didn't even know what that was.

{42/365}  Garlic over at HB Provisions.  I took this on a rainy day when outdoor shots weren't possible.  It was for a Flickr daily challenge group where the daily topic was "no thanks".  I like garlic, but I can certainly say "no thanks" to the bad breath.

{43/365}  Another of those shallow DOF shots.  Budweiser cap on a park bench at the graffiti park.  I don't know what the "grunge" appeal thing is...what can I say?

{47/365}  This was from one of those days when I had a bunch of great photos and choosing "the" photo of the day was difficult.  I selected this one because the light was so gorgeous at this little beach in York first thing in the morning.

{49/365}  When I pulled into school on this particular Wednesday morning the reflections on the nearby pond were too beautiful to let pass.  Fall in New England....ahhhh.

{51/365}  I entitled this photo "I'm Not Happy".  This day it poured rain all day.  I took horrible photos all day....this is definitely not the best or the worst, but I decided to choose to it to remind myself how awful the day went down.  This is one of those pics I'd like to stand in front of.  The paper on the table is in focus....yah, that's beautiful. Grrrrrr.

{55/365}  I love my cat.  This photo is a little too bright, but I love the way "Princess P" was basking in the sun.  Maybe when I learn a little something with Photoshop I can make this photo wonderful.  For now it's SOOC and it's the mood that I love about it.

{57/365}  When your name is feel some ownership in Black-Eyed Susan's.  At least I do.  We're into frost and chill most nights now so I was pleasantly surprised to see these outside the college when I finished my studies the other day.  Nice little rain drop on a petal or two also.

I feel so much better now that I'm caught up.  I didn't include today's capture because the day is not over yet.  I have some fun things in the camera, but there's plenty of daylight left.  Big pressure too, because for the 20 item October photo challenge I'm busy completing, one of the items is your best photo on 10/23-that's today.  I better keep shooting.  Thank you for viewing my mash-up of photos.  I'm always delighted to have your visit. 


urban muser said...

I'd never be able to keep up with all my 365 photos on my blog. I just committed to posting them on flickr and occasionally on my blog. Your photos are great. I love that first one--you are right, it has nice depth of field.

Rosie said...

I absolutely love your photos! And I can so relate to what you say! I don't post every single photo, either, but I saved them in monthly files under each day. And some photos are really disappointing but that's ok, so I'm the more proud of the "good" ones :-) I tend to be hard on myself, too, so it's easier to encourage you ;-)

Jamie said...

I'm still in awe over everyone who has taken up this challenge. Your photos are great and improving with each week. Keep it up.