Thursday, October 21, 2010

Green 52/365

This post is in response to Jessi's call for "Green" this week over at Lovin the Little Things for the "Moments In Between" photo challenge.

I thought of green two ways this week.  There's the color green and the living green by being a good steward on this limited earth we inhabit.

{52/365} This is the barn at Alder Brook Farm.  It looked so lovely in the afternoon sun as if begging to be photographed.  Despite falling leaves...there is still plenty of green around too.

In Maine....every can and bottle is has a 5 cent return value, yet I have no trouble finding returnables along the roadside.  If I have a free hand, I stop and pick them up....15 cents right here.

That's my silly take on green....thanks for looking.


Carol Blackburn said...

Great photos, Susan. Be careful picking up those bottles or cans that are sealed. I got an emai about bottle bombs being place around by those who would like to do harm to innocent people. It's done by putting tin foil and baking soda and water in a bottle or can and sealing it. When moved it causes a reaction that builds up pressure and will explode in about 30 seconds. Powerful enough to blow off fingers or blind you. Just a word of caution to a friend. Stay safe!

- Jessi - said...

Ooo I like your interpretation of the theme! Very creative & great photos. Thanks for linking up!