Monday, October 4, 2010

Images of Fall, 38 and 39/365

If there'd been a doubt earlier, it's been erased....fall is here.  No frost yet, but getting close.   This weekend I put away the ol' "window rattler" air conditioner, unpacked the down comforter for my bed, and found the fleece jackets in preparation.  Earlier in September I mentioned fall being a season of fading....and I often have a sense of fading in myself as well.  Once fall becomes entrenched and there's no going back, I find I embrace the season more readily.  Hey....there's candy to look forward to at the end of the month, right?

I've been taking a digital photography class for the past 3 or 4 weeks.  We haven't had a lot of formal assignments, but have been encouraged to take lots of photos.  That isn't difficult for me....I'm always taking lots and lots of photos.  This week we were told to find an established photographer, view a body of their work, and choose one of their images to use as inspiration for a photo we would turn in.  I felt like I was on Project Runway or something....."'ll have 30 minutes to sketch, and then we're going shopping at Mood..." (God, I love Tim Gunn).

After looking at a zillion different photographers and loving all of them I wasn't any closer to being swept up into inspiration land than when I started.  I'm inspired every day by what I see here on my fellow bloggers' blogs as much as anything.  I finally chose a photojournalist I had met this past summer at a presentation at the local library. He works for the regional newspaper and I enjoyed hearing him speak about why, how, where, when he took the photos he shared.  His photos are shot here in Maine and I figured it might be easier to create an inspiration from something I might actually see nearby.  I mean....I love National Geographic, but finding safari animals or landscapes seems a smidge far-fetched here in coastal Maine.

Once that was decided I spent much of the weekend snap, snap, snapping to try to do some justice to his work.  The good news is...I hit the mark and got favorable comments in class today.  Yay me!  Here's the photo I submitted.....

I've photographed this old garage before, but it has such great character there's plenty to consider.

Of course his photo was of a window on a red house in mid-winter with icicles hanging from the roof eave....but somehow I got similar frame lines and "seasonal" elements.  I'm good with that.

Here are some of my other snaps from this weekend.

I woke up pretty early on Saturday....the rain from Friday night was lingering in glassy drops on these roadside weeds.

Graffiti...near a railroad bridge.  'Tis one of the best places to look and find it.  Led Zepplin?  Really?  Still?

I stopped in a small NH mill town and found some lovely inspiration there.

I know what they'd say in photography class......leading line.

The railroad bridge was all aglow with the dam below still hidden in the shadows.

The great thing about getting up early to take photos is about the time when the light gets too strong, you're also ready for breakfast.  An empty street with a dozen cars parked in front of one store front tells you where you should stop.  The Black Bean provided good eats and friendly service.  Perfection.

{38/365} I loved the way these colorful drink choices were lined up.

Not only was the food was reasonably priced too.

On Sunday morning the day was equally beautiful.  After I was sure I had my homework done, I zipped over to Laudholm farms for a few more snaps.  Look at that amazing blue sky against this old water tower.

{39/365}  The fields surrounding this nature preserve provide an incredible view.  I think by next weekend the "leaf peeping" will be at it's peak. 

Thanks for stopping by my extra long picture post.  I'm glad you had a chance to visit.


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Susan, all your photos are just lovely. I am especially enamoured with the old garage and would like to ask you permission to paint a version of it. I will give you credit for the photo when I post my painting on my art blog. Please let me know, it has made me most anxious to get painting on this day off. :)

Jamie said...

Your first photo is stunning, the reflection is perfect!

Miss Becky said...

i love the things that catch your eye and your photos are amazing.

Laloofah said...

I'm simply surrendering to the sad fact I will be forever behind on visiting and commenting on your blog!

LOL - the same thought occurred to me! "Led Zeppelin? Really? Still?" I mean, it's not the freshest graffito on the wall, but it's sure not circa 1980, either! What can I say, we came of age in a time of ageless classics. ;-)

I love the photo you submitted, and am not in surprised in the least that it drew favorable comments. The bridge photo is lovely, and I also love the photo of the bike in front of the Black Bean... it's so cheerful and optimistic, I can just feel the sunshine and the crisp fall air and an early morning full of promise!

And I spy... a bottle of Maine Root! We enjoyed some of their Ginger Brew (whoo, doggy, that stuff has some BITE!) during a picnic in Belfast, and it warranted a mention in one of my many Maine vacation blog posts. :-)