Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learning the Ropes 61/365

For the last week or so I've been doing the "Skinny Mini" over at Kim Klassen's Cafe learning about how to do something with Photoshop to start to edit some of my photos.  For several months now I've been seeing references to Kim and her classes as I've been traveling thru blogland...often the references include "thanks"....and I've started seeing a theme evolving.  When the opportunity to take her miniature class popped up-how could I say no?

I realize that I've yet to figure out what the end result that I'm looking for in my photos should be.  I'm trained as a musician, not a visual artist....I wasn't even familiar with the color wheel until just recently.  So Kim says "just pop this" or "bump that" until it looks right-and I'm thinking...."when does it look right?"  I guess I'll figure it out down the line.  Meanwhile I am having fun playing with all these gizmos and gadgets.  Here's some of my "stuff".

We first learned some cropping and adding text.

Which now seems sssooooo easy peasy Japanesie.  Please do note, that the orange matches the rust coming from the old sink....who knew you could do that?  Not me.

We kept cropping and texting and then we adjusted with some solid color, soft light, opacity shifts and stuff like that.

This puppy looks like it could be in next year's Down East Calendar.  Maybe they'll call me this week.  I could use some extra folding money.

I don't like this one as much....maybe by the end of the Skinny Mini I can do something nicer with it-but I'm trying.  You know bump this and pop that.

Now we're talking.  I needed a quick fix from the DQ the other day...and a picture that represented cold.  I snapped a quick shot of my ice cream before devouring it.  Then along came texture class.  I could be wrong, but I think Kim is like "the" texture lady.  Here's what happened to my simple ice cream after a few layers of texture, some multiply, soft light, opacity shifting, put your right foot in and shake it all about....

Textured ice cream.  Cool.  I don't know if this is good, bad, or what I'm going for, I just know it has a lot of layers on it and it looks different from what I started with.  I even rotated one of the textures so it was upside down.  And of course the text matches the ice cream...I know you saw that already.  You're on to me.

{61/365}  Here's another before and after.  I claimed this as my best photo of the day yesterday.  I wish I'd waited.....

...look how beautiful it looks today using one of Kim's photoshop recipe's called "the Old Barn" recipe.

Well, there's how smart I've gotten to be thus far.  Today's lessons are still rambling around in my brain.  There's burning and dodging and healing and conversions.  I think I'm going to have to review all that before I "get it" or at least give the illusion of "getting it".

I've done all this braggin' on Kim and now you're probably wanting to do the Skinny-Mini too.  I'm attaching button below, just in case you want to check it out.  I understand she's offering the session again in a week or two.  I think you'll be happy if you join in.  If you're already "wicked smart" about all these textures and things-she's got lots of cool stuff on her site that might help you out including a new recipe book.  Get cookin'.

Kim Klassen Cafe


Anita Johnson said...

Your photos are beautiful! I'll have to check out her site too. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the things to learn.

Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful photos, Susan.

Jamie said...

So fun to see what you are doing in the course.

Miss Becky said...

I love your writing that goes along with your photos!
And...I'm wanting to check out the Skinny-Mini. I'm not at all familiar with Photoshop and think it may be time to learn something. I love "October" btw, and the tubs, and the leaves...

justine said...

wow these are amazing shots and you are obviously having a great time on this course