Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Orange 53 54 56/365


This post is in response to "orange" over at Beth's blog I Should be Folding Laundry, for this week's You Capture.  You can see other responses to orange by following the button above.

Okay...if I'm being honest, orange is one of my least favorite colors.  This time of year it is pervasive.  There's just no way to avoid it.  My mother has a bright orange sweater and she only wears it in the month of October.  She's got the "pumpkin vibe" happening each time she wears it.  I think maybe I inherited my passionless-ness for the color orange-right down the old family tree.

Never-the-less I've been photographing orange this week, this month, this season.  In many cases it is just bursting and busting out everywhere-it can not be denied.  Here are some of my orange finds from my perch here in New England where fall colors and foliage have just reached beyond peak.

{53/365} This likely my least orange, orange this week.  Last Sunday afternoon out driving I saw the sun bouncing off this silo turning it pale orange.  I had to stop.

This is accidental orange.  Today in digital photography class this appeared on my screen.  I have no clue what I did in Photoshop to produce it.  Oh well, good enough orange for me.

{54/365} The morning air has been crisp and skies brilliant blue.  I've taken to pulling my car off the side of the road often.  How could anyone pass this barn glowing in the morning sun and not stop?

Here is this morning's pull over.  I've never noted this railroad bridge before.  Wow.

While thinking about orange this "no trespassing" sign caught my eye.  I do wonder if the sign is necessary.  Who would be trespassing into this bog?

{56/365} What's not to love?

My best walking companion, Tula amid the orange.  We're getting in as much woods time as possible.  Next month the deer hunters will be out and we'll have to avoid our favorite haunts.

Thanks for stopping and checking out my orange-ness.  I guess it's not as bad as I think.


Rosie said...

No, they are actually quite good, your orange shots ;-) I love them!

Carol Blackburn said...

Orange you glad you posted that, now be honest.
Scary thing, I saw the railroad bridge photo as a black circle and had to stare really intensely at it to really see what it was after I read our commentary. With my vertigo I often see black as holes and that photo was like an opitcal illusion for me. Quite disconcerting, I must say.

Ashley Sisk said...

These are all such beautiful shades of orange.

Miss Becky said...

not only do I love your shots, I love your comments about them too.

Shelly said...

I love the second one, and the bridge one. Those are such great captures.

Adeena said...

I love the bridge one!

Courtney said...

love them all, the seemingly took me on a journey!

And Miles To Go... said...

beautiful orange shots of autumn!

Jamie said...

I used to hate orange, but in the past few years I've embraced it year round. Lovely photos as always.

Susan said...

Gorgeous shots. I love the railroad bridge, what a great discovery!