Thursday, October 7, 2010


This post is in response to "reflections" over at Jessica's blog.  Click on the button to see others responses to reflections.  This is her first week of photo challenge.  Everyone is welcome....join in.

I still consider myself a beginning photographer.  I imagine I know just enough to be dangerous.  I was playing around the other day following instructions for creating a bokeh photo....which I know what it is, but have no idea how to get the effect.  This was my quick attempt while standing in the kitchen reading off the printed out instructions.  The bokeh was not a success, but I like the reflection of me and my camera in my ordinary stainless water faucet.


Elizabeth said...

Very cool reflection! I'll have to give something like this a try sometime :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Very creative! Love it.

Jamie said...

I love happy accidents like that!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Susan, wonderful reflection on you as a photographer. I am working on that garage door painting and loving it. It's a long slow process of layer upon layer of watercolor. I hope I can do your wonderful photo justice.

- Jessi - said...

I like it. Very creative. Thanks for entering! Can't wait to see more :)