Saturday, October 16, 2010


The Sunday Creative

This post is in response to "spiral" over at Maegen's blog Life Set to Words for the Sunday Creative.  For other responses to spiral-and I'm certain there will be many wonderful responses, take a quick visit.

Well here it is Saturday and almost time for the next Sunday Creative, and I haven't been creative for last Sunday yet.  "Holy shmoly" as my Dad might say.  I could blame it on computer woes, and that would be part of the reason, but wowza....I didn't finish my nostalgia prompt from the week before.  What up wit' that?

I have been taking lots and lots of snaps, so it isn't for lack of putting in the daily practice, I guess it may be life doing a little spiraling out of control....How is it that life gets like that at times?  Yikes.  I think, and I'm not at all dissatisfied about this, that I've dipped my big toe (and several of the accompanying little piggie toes as well) into several photograph opportunities and challenges and sometimes me ol' brain just can't remember what the hell it is I'm supposed to be looking for or finding out there in the world.

I love the Sunday Creative...through Maegen's Creativity Boot Camp early this past summer I really started to rev up my interest in photography.  While on other photo challenges I do try to look for the topic du jour (or week, or month), with the Sunday Creative...I like the subject to come to me.  I only hit panic mode on Saturday when it hasn't yet revealed itself.

Today I took Tula for a lovely walk in the woods.  We were out amongst the colorful trees and the fall breeze for about an hour and saw not a single soul.  I like that, as does my best walking companion.  She found acorns to crunch, sweet smells galore, and was galloping down the old logging roads without a care.  For a dog who is usually cowering with fears, flying free must be such a wonderful release.

Anyway....while roaming the woods I must confess I did not think about spiral at all.  I thought about beautiful colors, solitude, and found joy in watching my dog-spiral wasn't there with me.  When I arrived home and looked at my photos I found what I needed. 

I remembered in digital photography class the instructor mentioning something to try for abstract shots.  In the woods I thought to try it today for the first time when the scenes weren't offering me much inspiration.  My result had a cool effect and just in the nick of time spiral revealed itself to me.  I love that.

Hard to believe that this is an evergreen tree....but it is.

Tula waiting while I take another photo.

As much as sometimes in my mind I think it would be cool to live in Boston or NYC....I just don't think I could do it.

Thanks for visiting me today and for bearing with me while I found spiral somewhere amongst these vertical trees.


Rosie said...

I really felt spinning when looking at your spiral! What a stunning effect!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Susan, awesome photos. Your dog must be very patient........and love long walks with you. She takes a pretty good photo herself!
Enjoy your week.

Jamie said...

I gave this week's challenge a pass, but looking at what your creative mind came up with I'm feeling bad about it, way to go.

justine said...

I didn't go back to check on sunday creative, can't believe I missed yours, what a great spiral, very inspired and such beautiful colours.