Friday, October 1, 2010

Togetherness, 35 36/365


This post is in response to "togetherness" the You Capture topic from Beth over at I Should be Folding Laundry.  Take a moment to check out some of the other responses to togetherness at her blog....many amazing takes, all on one thought.

One of these days I'm going to be the first to link up to Beth's You isn't that day.  I'm even a day late (and likely a dollar or two short as well).  At this point I'd be happy to be one of the first 20 to get in it is I'm normally down in the 70's somewhere.  I don't even want to guess what number I'll be today.  Not that it matters; I guess I'm just admiring other bloggers ability to be ready to go.  I'm going to jump onto Beth's theme that my computer is ENORMOUSLY slow and downloading takes a lifetime.  The good news is-new computer is on order.  Can't wait!

This week's word togetherness I didn't think about too much.  I guess as someone who lives alone, it's not a word of constant thought.  I'm comfortable in solitude, so I don't mind having alone time. It is often a blessing and perhaps if you're one of the many moms out there who, to me, seem to be in constant motion all day-a little aloneness is probably a mirage somewhere out there like an oasis.  I am, by the way, in awe of all you do.

Togetherness does come in many forms.  I enjoy being together with friends, with clients at work, and in my alone times with my dear pets.  I did find some togetherness out there in the world....

{36/365} Beautiful red berries bunched together near a foundation wall.

{35/365} Cafe chair and table...a perfect match.  Would be even better if there were an ice cream sundae to go with it.

A couple nights ago the sunset on the beach was absolutely gorgeous....again.  I was walking the beach with my sweet dog Tula, but we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.

But when I saw this couple also enjoying the beautiful view....immediately I thought of "togetherness".

That's my take from here.  Looking forward to seeing how others interpreted the same topic.


Clare B said...

Those sunset shots are just beautiful. I like the way the sea and the sky look like their melting in together.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Susan, love the patterns of the table, chair and brickwork....great shot. All are special in their own way.

Renegades said...

I love the idea of other togetherness like the table and chair. How creative.

Jamie said...

Love the photo of the couple. I've got ice cream on my mind again today after your post, I may have to cave in tomorrow and go for it.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

love the pic of the couple together on the beach:)