Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today 97/365

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Today is the last day of November.  Wow; how did that happen?  Alas it has.  I am thankful because there's no snow on the ground....yet.  Snow is nearly inevitable here in Maine.  While I can accept that it is beautiful, I still don't like it.  And with snow comes dirt that seems to last all winter-yuck.

So, therefore today I'm enjoying a touch of frost without having to wade through snow to enjoy it.  I found a frozen rose garden this morning on my walk with Tula.  With my photo final looming closer each day, I decided to try some different filters on my frozen rose bud photo.  I can't decide which I prefer...they're all pleasing.  Do you have a favorite?

{97/365} Here's the original with just some level adjustments.

Here it is with some light paper texture thanks to Kim Klassen.

Here's a selective colored b & w with a posterization.  Kind of graphic, but interesting.

This one has paint daub filter.  I wish I'd had better art lessons in grade and middle school.  I have no clue what paint daub is, but this looked rather pretty to me.

Alright enough.  I suppose it's boring looking at the same photo over and over....but I had fun messing around with the shot.  Thanks for checking out my today here in frosty Maine.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scavenger Hunting 94/365

Well it's Sunday again and time for the Scavenger Hunt over at Ashley's blog Rambling and Photos.  Check out the other cool takes on this week's list by following the button below....and try playing along next week; it really is quite fun.

This week we were searching for:  Black and White, I Ate This, Historic, Off-Center, and The End.

I haven't blogged in close to a week.  I've been crabby.  Last Sunday night I realized that the flash drive where I was storing all of my photos from the month of November was corrupted or somehow damaged.  I lost about 1,700 photographs and I've been in a stinky funk for days now.  In addition to the weekly fun photo challenges I do, I'm taking a digital photography class with a final project due in about 2 weeks, and I'm also participating in a November Photo Challenge that was almost complete when the shit hit the fan.  So....I'm sort of over it now, but grrrrrrrrrr, you know? 

I did however go right out and start shooting MORE photos.  Maybe losing photos isn't all's a good excuse to take more (as if I really needed a reason).  :)

Here are my takes for this week:

Black and White:  Just a plain old telephone/electric pole in my neighborhood.  I thought the shot turned out rather appealing tho.

I Ate This:  Here's my stainglass filtered breakfast from Becky's Diner (nuthin' finah).  Playing around with filters to see what I might like to include in my final project....and so maybe you won't notice what a big breakfast I had yesterday.

Historic:  The H.H. Hay Building is in downtown Portland.  I love how the end is barely wide enough to allow for a door frame.  Formerly a drug store now home to Starbucks (of course) and shops.

Off-Center:  This seagull's perch spoke perfectly to off center.  Thanks gull.

{94/365} The End:  The end of an alley in downtown Portland.

That's it for my finds this week.  Looking forward to linking up again next week with a brand new list.  Thanks for checking out my takes.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today 89/365

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Today I'm starting to get into Thanksgiving mode.  Work is quiet (blessedly) and I'm starting to feel a bit more rested after the last couple of crazy weeks.  I'm looking at being able to bind together a few days off in a row and looking forward to it. 

I'm also getting close to the end of the semester for my digital photography class.  We have our final project to turn in, so with each spare moment I'm sifting through days and days of photos trying to find just the right combination.  I'll be spending much of the coming days trying to edit my shots a bit and put together a theme that shows I've learned something since September. 

So, today I'm experimenting in Photoshop to see if any of my creative ideas will work.

{89/365} View of an old RR Bridge crossing

Postcard creation

Playing with photomerge....8 photos merged together to create a panoramic.  Kind of cool.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what's happening "today" around here.  May your today be a happy one.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tired Sunday Scavenger

Say it isn't so!  It can't possibly be Sunday again.  Where did the week go?  Alas, it is Sunday and that means time for the Sunday Scavenger Hunt over at Ashely's blog Ramblings and Photos.  Hit this button to check out what other people found this week.

I'm really surprised I'm awake and may not last.  Two sold out concerts each with crowds of 600 plus.  Standing ovations not only at the end of the concert, but in the middle after an especially moving number-those are the standing O's that are really cool to receive-as if people are just pulled out of their seats.  Doesn't happen very often.  This was the first time I did not participate as a singer.  Rather bittersweet for me.  Singing has become too difficult and frustrating for me, so I've been focusing on photography rather than music (and that's been a good thing).  But I was "in the house" last night accompanying the chorus by playing West African percussion....and that was very fun.  We definitely "rocked the house" Ghanaian style.  Very cool.

But that's way off topic, what I'm supposed to be reporting are my finds out there in the world this week.  I was searching for: the view above, something hot, something cold, electronic, and sparkle.  Here are my takes.

The View Above: A row of birds were sitting nicely on the wire and then were suddenly startled.  I was disappointed until I saw the effect.

Something Hot:  I know this doesn't look hot, but last night the sounds coming from the drum section were smokin' hot.  This is my djembe and colorful Ghanaian sash.

Something Cold:  With the overcast Northeastern grey, the beach was pretty cold on my walk with Tula yesterday morning.

Electronic:  John (and his sore thumb) setting the soundboard before yesterday's concert.

Sparkle:  Frosty leaves I found on my morning walk.

That's my scavenging for this week.  Thanks for taking a peek. 
 I'm gonna skip out and snap a few pics and then there's a big fluffy couch with my name on it....zzzzzz.  The cat is going to have to find another locale for her daily snooze.  More likely she'll be sharing my nap with me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lonely 85/365

This post is in response to "lonely" at the Sunday Creative being hosted by Justine at Justine Gordon Photography  Check out her blog to see not only other wonderful takes on "lonely" but also Justine's photographs.  She has an amazing eye and I really admire her images.  She's into a black and white theme this November and has many stunning photos posted.  Not only could join in with the next prompt due up tomorrow...which means I better get moving on this one from last week right away.
The Sunday Creative

Last Sunday I arrived home exhausted from my wonderful whirlwind photo taking tour of Boston.  I had a great regrets, but as Sunday eased on over to Monday I found myself facing a busy week of  appointments and rehearsals without much stamina. 

Today is the culmination of the craziness as I'll be performing in two concerts accompanying several songs for "Voices from the Heart" a 200 voice a cappella women's chorus out of Portsmouth NH.  I'll be in the West African percussion section with my dear friend Randy Armstrong and my drumming group Drumamma.  All of that has nothing to do with lonely and everything to do with my feeling like I'm squeaking this post in, in the nick of time.  Djembe on......Gun go do pa go!  That's Babatunde Olatuji drum language-I told you I was tired.

Anyway.....despite being busy this week and barely having time for photos, I did think about lonely.  I thought about whether or not I am lonely.  I live alone, enjoy solitude, am not afraid to do things alone, and have been asked many times "aren't you lonely?"  But I also enjoy being with friends and family, keeping busy, attending classes, and interacting with clients.  After much thought-I'm sticking with I am not lonely, despite my alone-ness.  I've got a few friends wanting to fix me up with potential love interests....and I keep sayin' "I'm good".  I don't think they believe me.  Oh well.  After the past crazy week, I'm overdue for some solitude.

I love the look of a photograph that portrays lonely however....and I did see some of that lone quality in the things I did shoot this week.  Here are a few I particularly like:

This house looks out over the beach and to sea.  All closed up for winter it looks so lonely compared to the normal vibrancy of the warm spring and summer months.

I participate in a daily photo challenge group through Flickr.  Green was the word one day this past week.  My mood was somber the day I shot this....I was thinking about lonely.

This one was shot the same too has a feeling of solitude.  I think this time of year resonates a lonely undertone, especially on an overcast grey day.

I'm a sucker for a single leaf and have too many lonely leaf photos. 
I'm working on my final project for my digital photography class where I've selected "red" as my theme.  As much red as this photo contains, I'm afraid it says "yellow" instead.  What do you think?  Does it make the cut for inclusion in "red" or should I keep looking?

{85/365} I think this channel marker creates a sense of loneliness in this sunset photo.  Must admit I was the only one around on the beach when I caught this.

Thanks for checking out my take on lonely.  Now time to get going into the masses of 200 voices, and two sold out crowds of 600 plus.  I don't think there'll be anytime for loneliness today. As always I appreciate you stopping by and love to read any comments you choose to leave for me.  Happy day to you.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Boston Sunday Scavenger

This post is in response to Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ashley's blog Ramblings and Photos.  Lots of fun to play, so join in. 

This weekend I treated myself to some time away in Boston.  It's been waaaayyyyyy too long since I've had a vacation, and although a weekend doesn't = a vacation, it's been fab to be away from home.  My reason to be here in Boston was to shoot photos.  I love taking photos where I live in Maine, but I thought it would be fun for me to be in a new fresh environment for a change, and it has been.  I decided to complete my scavenger hunt with the things I've found here.

This week I was looking for: self-portrait, handmade, orange, candle, and traffic signals/signs.

Self-Portrait:  Balancing her camera on the hotel chair to create a makeshift tripod she manages to squeak out a selfie with some of her balcony view, (and some of her balcony) at the hotel. 
  (p.s. I'm having fun in case you can't tell.)

Handmade:  Not only handmade...hand-making as well.  This young man was selling bracelets in Harvard Square.  He said business was kind of hit or miss. 

Orange:  Dang.  These tourist trolleys are everywhere.  I avoided them and took the T instead.

Candle:  This was the hardest one for me.  I didn't see any candles in my travels.  This water park near the Prudential Center reminded me of the fireworks called Roman Candles.

Alternately....the light from the street makes the city seem likes it glowing with candlelight.

Traffic signs:  I was walking all day and didn't pay much attention to traffic signs.  I thought this fork in the road was kind of pretty.

That's it for this week.  Looking forward to next week's list.  Now I'm going to go find myself a REAL cup of coffee and some breakfast that doesn't cost $18.  Thanks for checking out my Bostonian scavenger photos.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aspiration 79/365

This post is in response to "aspiration" at the Sunday Creative being guest hosted by Justine over at Justine Gordon Photography.
The Sunday Creative

I've been thinking about aspiration since Sunday.  My Aunt Lois fell a couple weeks back and hurt her shoulder-and the doctor has aspirated it several times.  I'm sending healing thoughts to her and hoping surgery won't be necessary.  That's the aspiration that's been on my mind.

Today I'm focusing on aspiration in a different sense.  I've read the definition, again, and am trying to think of what I aspire to be or to reach for.  I keep asking people for ideas....because I'm kind of stuck and don't know what direction to go.  If you have any ideas for me, leave them in the comment section...I need ideas.

When my sudden hearing loss came on, I had to give up my music teaching career.  I now sell real estate and I know that this line of work is not my passion.  My passion is music and well, that's not a legitimate option for me anymore.  I started taking photos last May thinking that it might fill part of that gaping hole in my creative spirit, and it has.  Now I need to satisfy my whole self including my working self.  I do aspire to be something other than a realtor, but I just don't know which way to set sail and toward what goal or purpose.  Ideas?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Anyone?  Anyone?

So for now I aspire to keep plodding along with work.  I keep taking photos and trying to increase my photography skills, keep writing and visiting my inner spirit, keep my senses open to new possibilities and for new dreams.  I hope my photos portray my search as I'm still uncertain.

Looking up, but not sure where I'm going

{79/365} I can see there's so much out there-just not sure which way to go

I'm sure it will all come in to focus in good time, and when I'm ready.

This weekend I'm in Boston having fun shooting photos.  My hotel view is amazing and the weather delightful.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Serene 74/365

This post is in response to "serene" for You Capture over at Beth's blog I Should Be Folding Laundry.

This week has not been feeling too serene.  In fact, I don't feel serene very often.  Until today the weather has been drizzly and gusty.  To the delight of local surfers, the ocean has been churning, pounding, and spraying too.  I've had a sense of hectic-ness in my days and commitments on both ends of my days making them long.  I need to get me some of that serenity and fast, I say.

I didn't think I'd find much serenity in my photographs, but to my delight it was there.  In reflection, I often shoot serene things; perhaps that's making up for uncontrollable turbulence going on around me.  Who knows?  Here are some serene sights I caught amid the chaos and raindrops.

This local antiques barn connects to a large old home near town.  It's grey color against a grey sky seems serene to me.

I took this photo for a photo challenge where the word of the day was "six", but the setting has a sense of serenity.

As the weather turns cooler there are fewer and fewer skiffs tied at the working dock.  Skiffs tied to a dock always seem serene to me.

On this day the ocean was very active, but in the river all was calm.

{74/365}  An in-town barn for offices and condominiums attached to the local independent pharmacy.  Yes, serene.

Thank you for viewing the serene settings I found, while zipping through days that were anything but.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Look Up 77/365

This is in response to Jessi's "Moments in Between".  This weeks topic is look up.  Since reading it I've been looking up and getting raindrops in my eyes.  Not the best week for it.  Today however, the sun re-appeared and things are looking up. And surely that's why I found 3 examples of "look up" with ease today.

A thorny divide of rose hips between beach and dunes.

Mid-morning I took Tula for a run on the beach.  I owed her big time.  We've had several back to back rainy days and dog walking happens in short spurts.  The little miss was more than ready for some serious aerobic exercise.  The wind was howling through these bare rosa rugosa bushes.  I loved the little red "pop" against the blue and cloudy sky.

True love I'd say

What Tula didn't know was after the beach our next stop was the vet's office for the annual check up, blood draw, and inoculations.  While Tula was cowering in the corner waiting her turn, this cutie came in with her mom.  I loved the way she was patiently and adoringly looking up at her mom.

{77/365} Pastel colored sky

My last looking up of the day came about by chance.  I glanced out the window about 1/2 hour before work ended and was treated to this glorious sight.  Good thing I'd left my desk to head to the copy machine or I'd have missed it.  Wow.

Always good to be looking up, you never know what you might see.  Thanks for checking my thoughts and snaps today.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today {76/365}

This post is in response to "today" over at Communal Global.  Click on the button to see other takes on "today" at their wonderful blog filled with beautiful photos.

Today for me is really tonight.  Today was a crazy day with hardly room for a breath.  In addition to that, it's about the 4th or 5th day of drizzly rain and to be honest, I'm wearing a little thin on the patience with that.  Last weekend daylight savings time ended and here in Maine that means sunset at 4:30 which is about 4 hours earlier than I like it to come.  I'm trying to adapt my photography opportunities, but I think this means it's time to learn how to make shooting in the dark and shooting indoors work for me.

Here's my today:

Another soul going with the flow and enjoying life under gloomy skies and between raindrops.  Fly fishing in the local river.

{76/365} I don't know why this appeals to me, but it does.  Rain smeared windshield, dusky night sky, and 18-wheeler lights.  Working with what's out there.

I think the best part of today was tonight's dessert at the Fire Society's annual meeting.  Apple pie with a wedge of cheddar cheese.  Yum.

That was my today.  Thanks for checking it out.  Here's hoping for a little sun tomorrow.  Sing it Annie.