Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lonely 85/365

This post is in response to "lonely" at the Sunday Creative being hosted by Justine at Justine Gordon Photography  Check out her blog to see not only other wonderful takes on "lonely" but also Justine's photographs.  She has an amazing eye and I really admire her images.  She's into a black and white theme this November and has many stunning photos posted.  Not only could join in with the next prompt due up tomorrow...which means I better get moving on this one from last week right away.
The Sunday Creative

Last Sunday I arrived home exhausted from my wonderful whirlwind photo taking tour of Boston.  I had a great regrets, but as Sunday eased on over to Monday I found myself facing a busy week of  appointments and rehearsals without much stamina. 

Today is the culmination of the craziness as I'll be performing in two concerts accompanying several songs for "Voices from the Heart" a 200 voice a cappella women's chorus out of Portsmouth NH.  I'll be in the West African percussion section with my dear friend Randy Armstrong and my drumming group Drumamma.  All of that has nothing to do with lonely and everything to do with my feeling like I'm squeaking this post in, in the nick of time.  Djembe on......Gun go do pa go!  That's Babatunde Olatuji drum language-I told you I was tired.

Anyway.....despite being busy this week and barely having time for photos, I did think about lonely.  I thought about whether or not I am lonely.  I live alone, enjoy solitude, am not afraid to do things alone, and have been asked many times "aren't you lonely?"  But I also enjoy being with friends and family, keeping busy, attending classes, and interacting with clients.  After much thought-I'm sticking with I am not lonely, despite my alone-ness.  I've got a few friends wanting to fix me up with potential love interests....and I keep sayin' "I'm good".  I don't think they believe me.  Oh well.  After the past crazy week, I'm overdue for some solitude.

I love the look of a photograph that portrays lonely however....and I did see some of that lone quality in the things I did shoot this week.  Here are a few I particularly like:

This house looks out over the beach and to sea.  All closed up for winter it looks so lonely compared to the normal vibrancy of the warm spring and summer months.

I participate in a daily photo challenge group through Flickr.  Green was the word one day this past week.  My mood was somber the day I shot this....I was thinking about lonely.

This one was shot the same too has a feeling of solitude.  I think this time of year resonates a lonely undertone, especially on an overcast grey day.

I'm a sucker for a single leaf and have too many lonely leaf photos. 
I'm working on my final project for my digital photography class where I've selected "red" as my theme.  As much red as this photo contains, I'm afraid it says "yellow" instead.  What do you think?  Does it make the cut for inclusion in "red" or should I keep looking?

{85/365} I think this channel marker creates a sense of loneliness in this sunset photo.  Must admit I was the only one around on the beach when I caught this.

Thanks for checking out my take on lonely.  Now time to get going into the masses of 200 voices, and two sold out crowds of 600 plus.  I don't think there'll be anytime for loneliness today. As always I appreciate you stopping by and love to read any comments you choose to leave for me.  Happy day to you.


justine said...

firstly thankyou for those lovely things you said, wow, that was so kind of you and has made my weekend! secondly I absolutely love these shots especially that wonderful house all shut for winter and your final sunset photograph - all are absolutely stunning. Good luck in your concert, sounds fantastic, only wish I could go and listen to you, can you record some and put it on your blog??

Miss Becky said...

Hi Dorian Susan
I love the light in the beach house photo, and I really love the water photo. Your composition always amazes me. Your photos are like paintings.
I want to thank you for all the support and encouragement during my skinny mini class, it means a lot. It will be an on-going learning experience for me, as there is a life-time of learning in all of those options for creativity.
I vacillate between loving it and hating it, but I think that's actually a good thing as it pushes me outside of my "usual" and that's not a place I like to go all that often. I'm learning a lot about photography simply by watching what you're doing here, too. you have so much talent.
thanks Dorian Susan. Have a great weekend!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Susan,
They are all wonderful photos.......and I too wish I could hear you play and everyone sing. My daughter has a beautiful voice, sang in all the school choruses, open mic nights, etc. I think my grandson got her singing genes as he is following in her footsteps. Me, I can pretty much remember all the words to every song that was ever written but as for voice, let's just say it's not the greatest although I love to sing to myself. I think you posting a clip of the performance is a great idea if you can. Enjoy yourself!