Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Look Up 77/365

This is in response to Jessi's "Moments in Between".  This weeks topic is look up.  Since reading it I've been looking up and getting raindrops in my eyes.  Not the best week for it.  Today however, the sun re-appeared and things are looking up. And surely that's why I found 3 examples of "look up" with ease today.

A thorny divide of rose hips between beach and dunes.

Mid-morning I took Tula for a run on the beach.  I owed her big time.  We've had several back to back rainy days and dog walking happens in short spurts.  The little miss was more than ready for some serious aerobic exercise.  The wind was howling through these bare rosa rugosa bushes.  I loved the little red "pop" against the blue and cloudy sky.

True love I'd say

What Tula didn't know was after the beach our next stop was the vet's office for the annual check up, blood draw, and inoculations.  While Tula was cowering in the corner waiting her turn, this cutie came in with her mom.  I loved the way she was patiently and adoringly looking up at her mom.

{77/365} Pastel colored sky

My last looking up of the day came about by chance.  I glanced out the window about 1/2 hour before work ended and was treated to this glorious sight.  Good thing I'd left my desk to head to the copy machine or I'd have missed it.  Wow.

Always good to be looking up, you never know what you might see.  Thanks for checking my thoughts and snaps today.



Jamie said...

Looking up resulted in some great photos.

Renegades said...

What a pretty sky and big poodle.

- Jessi - said...

That sky is an amazing color! Great capture.

Laloofah said...

The photo of the sweet poodle's upward, adoring gaze is original and perfect for your theme, and the evening sky came through for you with flying colors! ;-) Gorgeous.

Miss Becky said...

the sky is gorgeous, but I have to say, my fave is the adoring look by doggie.