Monday, November 1, 2010

October Photo Hunt

As you likely know, I love photo challenges.  Challenge is a funny word....I'm not challenging anyone, just myself to meet the prompt, word of the week, or assigned topic.  For the last month I've been doing a "new" to me challenge sponsored by the folks over at Photo Hunt Challenges .  I like what it says at the top of their have fun, to take better pictures, and to challenge yourself.  I think I've met the objectives.

In this challenge there is a list of 20 photos to collect during the month. I have been collecting these photos all month, setting them aside if I thought they met one of the 20 categories.  Some of the photos I've posted don't think it's deja's me.  We have to post all 20 photos in one post-so here goes.

1.  In Disguise:  I think Curious George may be a little stressed out about Halloween as of yet.  Maybe next year, when my niece is 3,  the candy will out-weigh the scariness of the day.  Always good to travel with a banana for sustenance.

2.  Crisp:  I took this one crisp fall morning just after sunrise.  The air was still and the lobster boat cut a crisp line in the calm waters of the harbor.

3.  Fall Colors:  I love this photo....the moment I saw this bicycle parked along the wooded trail, I knew it would be a wonderful subject to photograph.

4.  A Jack O'Lantern:  My 4 year old nephew was delighted with his freshly cut Jack O'Lantern with the round eyes.

5.  Shot from the Ground: I called this photo "zig-zag" for the repointing done to the brickwork on this old mill building.

6. A Landscape:  This was one of the first photos I saved for the challenge taken in early October looking out over the fields.  I bet that gorgeous tree is bare by now.

7. A Fall Tradition:  Here in town local merchants make scarecrows and display them outside their businesses.  This fine lady is outside the local wine and fine foods store....I love her practical Maine boots and the handy bottle of wine in her basket.

8.  Books:  Where do you find lots of books?  At the library, of course.  Straight from the biography section.

9.  Dining:  Most people who visit Maine end up dining on one of these.  Lobster, fresh from the ocean.

10. Child/Children:  I liked the dreamy way this boy was contemplating the world perched high upon the rocks at the beach edge.  I was also awed by his bare feet when he climbed up there.  Ouch.

11. Faces formed in Nature:  I can't even see this as a tree stump anymore, all I see is a cute face with elf-like ears.  Reminds me of a character from Star Wars or something.

12.  Tilt-Shift Photography:  One of the great things about this challenge is I learned some new things.  Tilt-shift...who knew?  I'm not sure I really know now, but I was able to create this mixed focus photo which gives the sense of miniature to the subject in focus.  Cool.

13.  B & W w/selective coloring:  I'd never done one of these before either.  I thought it was cool to emphasize the leaves rather than the graffiti.  In hindsight-took a long time to selectively color, but I'm happy with the result.

14.  Bokeh:  I love this picture.  I worked really hard to get a bokeh shot for this entry.  I have lots of pictures of stuff that didn't work....but this one that did, I really like.  Yay me.

15.  Best Photo taken on 10-23:  I posted this one recently-as part of my 365.  I really like the contrast of heavy steel and delicate leaf.  I also like the leading line of the tracks.

16.  Something from the Kitchen:  While waiting for breakfast to cook is the perfect time to play around with the camera.

17.  Something Vintage:  I love photographing old cars.  This one was just sitting in someone's front yard taunting me-how could I not?

18.  Something Creepy:  I think this is my most disappointing photo.  I guess this pirate is creepy.  Definitely scared my dog.

19.  Something Golden:  This fern leaf was amongst a large group of ferns all radiating in the sun.

20.  A Self-Portrait:  Something else I learned....I need a tripod.  Setting your camera on a step ladder is a little cumbersome. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my entries for the month.  I had fun, I learned some things, and I'd definitely do it again.


Clare B said...

great photos Susan. I think my favourite is still your one from the 23rd October, it's really fantastic. Beautiful dof and great colour from the leaf.

Ashley Sisk said...

I love all of these but your crisp and landscape photos are extra wonderful.

Darlene said...

I really like a lot of your shots but my favorites are the bokeh, selective coloring, and best photo. Here are mine:

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Great shots. I have too many favorites here. I'll just say that Maine is beautiful(I hear the bugs there are huge though).

Rosie said...

WOW! This is an awesome collection! I couldn't choose a favourite here, they are all adorable!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Susan, all great shots but, I like the selective coloring idea. I'll have to try that on a watercolor painting, all grey and white with one colored object. Now you've got me thinking.........

Alita said...

Your landscape and your tilt shift are spectacular! Loved your collection.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, love the selective color shot!


Mrs Mar said...

REALY GOOD photos, It is a real challage getting in alot of the photos, but it is fun at the same time. Yah, I had NO idea what tilt shift was ither.

My favs would be fall coloers, best photo and somthing from the kition.

Reading Allowed said...

I love your Oct 23rd photo, that is hands-down my favorite! I also really like your shot from the ground and fall colors shot, it's really interesting with the bicycle on the tree like that!

and I laughed at your that you're reading the camera manual!

Eboix said...

I really like your shot from the ground photo, and the depth of field in your Oct 23rd photo is great! Awesome job!

shannon said...

that tree stump, ahem face, is absolutely wonderful!

kaye said...

love your golden leaf, perfect. Congratulations on the bokeh--I just couldn't figure it out. I think it was the hardest category.

Sarah said...

So many great shots! I think I like your in disguise and crisp the best! :)