Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today {76/365}

This post is in response to "today" over at Communal Global.  Click on the button to see other takes on "today" at their wonderful blog filled with beautiful photos.

Today for me is really tonight.  Today was a crazy day with hardly room for a breath.  In addition to that, it's about the 4th or 5th day of drizzly rain and to be honest, I'm wearing a little thin on the patience with that.  Last weekend daylight savings time ended and here in Maine that means sunset at 4:30 which is about 4 hours earlier than I like it to come.  I'm trying to adapt my photography opportunities, but I think this means it's time to learn how to make shooting in the dark and shooting indoors work for me.

Here's my today:

Another soul going with the flow and enjoying life under gloomy skies and between raindrops.  Fly fishing in the local river.

{76/365} I don't know why this appeals to me, but it does.  Rain smeared windshield, dusky night sky, and 18-wheeler lights.  Working with what's out there.

I think the best part of today was tonight's dessert at the Fire Society's annual meeting.  Apple pie with a wedge of cheddar cheese.  Yum.

That was my today.  Thanks for checking it out.  Here's hoping for a little sun tomorrow.  Sing it Annie.


Ashley Sisk said...

I really like that second shot. Very cool.

Buckeroomama said...

Normal fishing does not appeal to me, but somehow fly fishing does! Your pic kinda reminds me of Redford's film "A River Runs Through It." :)

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Carol Blackburn said...

Great shots, Susan. Who's driving???????

Jamie said...

I love the rainy winshield