Friday, December 24, 2010


Faith's Simplicity subject this week is love.  I've thought for a bit what I might like to post.  I live alone, but live in close proximity to my family and I work for my father and with my brother.  I am blessed to have and aunts and uncles, numerous cousins and their extended families and many friends who live nearby.  That's a lot of love.

But in my home are my very own sweet loves, so I decided to make this post about them.  They are so dear to me and are the ones who are aware of my breaths, my moods, my habits, and the secrets I hold deep inside and yet they both seem to adore me anyway.  I suppose that is love in it's purest.

Tula Dot Downing
This sweetie is a rescue dog.  She has many fears as she travels this world, but she loves her mama and is happy in our home.  After 4 years together I know what she likes and doesn't and I accept the seemingly irrational fears that for her are very real.  She is not particularly fond of the camera, but I'm able to get better shots of her in the outdoors.  She is a wonderful walking companion and is quite patient as I capture images with the camera.
I entitled this photo "Joy".  Look how happy my sweet girl is.  Love you miss Tula.

A. Pamina "Princess P" Downing
This sweetie is an adopted 10 year old from the local shelter.  I don't think she's afraid of anything.  She is a snugly companion and provides endless affection with accompanying purrrrrrrssss.  She too loves her mama.  I did not choose her, I let her choose me and it's been a wonderful match ever since.  Next month marks one year since she arrived but I feel like she's been here forever.  As you can see....getting a photo of the Princess is never a problem.
I entitled this photo "In the Sun"....and when I see it I can tell that the happiness she gives to me, I am in like, returning to her.  Love you Princess P.

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Ashley Sisk said...

What a sweet and loving post. Merry christmas!