Friday, December 24, 2010

Macro Friday

Every Friday is Macro Friday over at Blogging from Bolivia.  If you're like me and you love those close-up and defined shots, head on over and check some out.  There's always something amazing.

Yesterday morning brought the first measurable snow to the area.  I'm not a fan of snow, but did have fun taking some early morning photos.  I am also happy to report that it wasn't too many inches, so I could shovel my drive without having to shell out $$ for the plow guy, and I have hope that it might melt away.  Too many winters here in Maine once the snow comes, you never see the ground again until April.  Maybe this year won't be a long one.

Here's some pretty I found yesterday.

Snow covered bush

And while these are not close-ups, they're too pretty not to share.

Trapped in the middle of nowhere.

A lovely snow scene

Happy Friday and a happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate.


Ashley Sisk said...

It all looks so pretty - Merry Christmas!

Barbara said...

Lovely - really like that shot of the leaf in the snow, and those lights are so pretty. Have a great Christmas. Bx

Liz said...

beautiful. Merry Christmas.

Anika said...

What beautiful snowy images! We don't get that kind of snow here so it's nice to see. Thanks for the white Christmas!

Olivia said...

Pretty shots! Merry Christmas!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

I like these - especially the caption "trapped" - it describes that scene perfectly. Have a lovely Christmas.

Mom of M&Ms said...

BEautiful!!! Merry Christmas!

Amy said...

Love the snow! Great job getting it white, not gray. :-D

AMY said...

Beautiful photo's!
I'm a new follower from Macro Friday.
Amy's Life @

Rosie said...

Beautiful photos, Susan! I wish you a Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays!