Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Scavenger 106/365

Been out looking for stuff with my Canon adhered to my face.  It's Sunday and time to link up with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos to participate or at least to check out all the cool stuff people have been finding out there with just a simple list in hand.  I always have fun taking part in this challenge.  Thanks Ashley.

This week the list included: Holiday Colors, Winter/Holiday Icon, a Tree, Quiet, and Favorite Color.

Holiday Colors:  I'm not a big holiday person.  I spotted this old barn this week and liked the simplicity of their holiday decor.

Winter/Holiday Icon:  Santa....'nuff said.

A Tree:  {106/365} I love the look of this spooky barren tree at dusk.

Quiet:  Does this count as quiet?  This book cover has caught my eye on more than one occasion.  I guess I like photo on the front.  I think maybe I should read it.

Favorite Color:  I love blue.  Always have.  This amazing blue in the sky was too pretty not to capture last night when I was in Portsmouth, NH.  Makes a nice contrast with the Market Street buildings.

That's it for my takes.  Thanks for checking them out.


soniaa said...

Lovely favorite color shot!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Susan.........great photos. You must know that first one of the white barn is my absolute favorite!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are all wonderful. I especially like your first and last shot. Very interesting. Have a great week!

Tara said...

Great photos, I really like your first and last!

Linda Robinson said...

I love the photo of the barn, I do like the Simplicity of it, like you said.. I also like that last shot. What a beautiful sky!

Jamie said...

Love that first shot!

Miss Becky said...

I can be assured I'm in for a treat when I visit you Dorian Susan. Your photos are delightful. I love them all. Especially the old barn, and the spooky tree against the evening sky, and oh my, downtown Portsmouth with that sunset sky. You live in a beautiful state there. And yes, I believe there's a reason Disquiet is showing up in your life and you do need to read it!!! Have a beautiful day.

Rosie said...

Beautiful photos and interpretations, Susan! I love that barn shot - that simplicity is so gorgeous!

ToadMama said...

You're right. That blue sky is absolutely amazing. The old barn is a nice find. You've got a great eye. I always enjoy your pics.

Laloofah said...

I've always loved the simplicity of typical New England Christmas decorations in places like Kennebunk and K'port... the little white lights, greenery and red bows. Understated, clean and classy. And simple. Probably no surprise, as I'm sure you remember how Mom would decorate Maple Top, that I adopted it as my own way of decorating too. Though out here it's an oddity, as the enormous inflated yard snowmen and multi-colored flashing lights that always put me in mind of a bar and grille are far more popular. :-) Someday I hope for a house with deep enough windowsills that I can put a candle in every window. (White bulbs, not blue or green ones like I'd always see in Biddeford windows. What's up with that? How often do you see a green candle flame in real life?)

But I digress. I love the wreath on the barn.

And I am diggin' that Santa! And the bare tree branches against the dusk sky is just beautiful. What is it about bare trees silhouetted against skies that is so evocative? The beautiful hues of the evening sky over Portsmouth is beautiful too! I used to love going to Portsmouth, went there a lot when I was at UNH. I miss their Christmas Candlelight stroll... wonder if they still do that? They always had a fun bell choir performing in the balcony of this mercantile/general store place there. That was always one of the highlights for me.