Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Scavenging

Oh yes it is Sunday again.  Time to link up over at Ramblings and Photos at Ashley's blog.  Follow the link to see how others did this week with "the hunt".  I liked this grouping of items this week.  It was a fun list...challenging, but not over the top.  Made my week a little easier-egad enough pressure from other places. This week the search was for: In my home, It's beginning to look a lot like...., Sweet treat, Time, and Everyday.

As I've probably mentioned too many times, I've been feeling over-whelmed lately and like I'm not keeping up with my blog.  Self-imposed beating, as I'm sure no one but me notices...just sayin'.  I'm really close to finishing up my final project for digital photography class and that's been eating away at my computer time.  I miss writing and doing my mind wandering, but I guess there's always a blank "new post" waiting for when the timing is right/write again.  It was fun today to gather my photos that have nothing to do with the theme of red I selected for the project.  Thanks for the reprieve Ashely.

In my Home:  OK....fessing up, in my mother's home.  It does say "my", but isn't your mother's home sort of an extension of your home?  It is my glass of white wine however and I thought it lovely in the pretty stemware my mother has.

It's Beginning to look a lot like.....I know this is a no brainer and not very creative, but I love bokeh.  I don't put up a tree, but the one in the center of town is loaded with colorful lights.  Each year there's a tree lighting ceremony where local merchants provide free goodies (i.e. cookies, chow-dah, hot apple cider, etc) and local folks come to enjoy the first lighting and a visit from Santa after the high school choir sings.  How New England small town.  Making it more so, my father is always the "MC" for the event.

Sweet Treat:  Dipped Biscotti in the local bakery.  I'm all about the dark chocolate.

Time:  Yesterday I noted the warm glow of the setting sun against this in-town steeple.  Only problem...4 o'clock is just too damn early for the sun to go down.  I'm ready for more light please.

Everyday:  Thank you Kim Klassen.  Ever watch that show Project Runway?  God I love that and I am soooo not a girlie girl clothes person and can't sew more than a poorly done hem or button replacement.  I just LOVE Tim Gunn "Designers...make it work."  Anyway, the participants are usually shown purchasing fabrics at Mood in NYC and when they leave Tim leads them all in saying "thank you Mood".  That's the voice I'm thanking Kim with when I give her props for help with this Light-Stained Paper texture.  This one IS going in the red collection next week.

I think at this point I am rambling; procrastinating some household chores and making the beef stew that will help ward off the chill in the air.  Thanks for checking out my pix and being kind enough to read my blogger blabber. 


Carol Blackburn said...

Great photos, Susan.............:)

Dazee Dreamer said...

love them.

SarahinSC said...

That bokeh shot is awesome! I could hear Tim Gunn talking with your description of that show. Love it!

Jamie said...

You got some amazing shots this week! LOVE that bokeh

justine said...

these photographs are really lovely, your bokeh is amazing and all of them are great.

Ashley Sisk said...

I love so much about your post today - the bokeh, the sweet treats...and everyday! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your Bokeh is awesome! My fav! Sweet Treats are looking mighty scrumdidltumtious! :]

Jen said...

colored bokeh bubbles, I love!

Miss Becky said...

my fave is the wine glass, and the bokeh is gorgeous. these photos are amazing.