Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thawing Today

This post is a double-whammy in response to "today" at Communal Global and to the prompt "thaw" over at the Sunday Creative. 

 The Sunday Creative

Last week it was very cold here in Maine...gloves, hat, freezing rain, wind chill, and flannel PJ's at bedtime.  This week we're having a bi-polar moment and it's been warm.  We're thawing out.  It's just an illusion, a game I fear;  soon winter will have us locked in it's grasp.

Today I am hoping for good news.  My car is "in the shop" and I'm praying the mechanic will call and say that this time the check engine light doesn't cost hundreds of dollars as it often does.  Being car-less  (not careless, car-less) means walking and shooting photos in places close to home.  Here's what I found this morning when Tula and I took a walk around our neighborhood block.
Just the slightest peek of pink sky through the backyard trees this morning.

Looks like the neighbors are putting up a new garage.  Their cars will be sooooo much happier, as will they when they don't have to scrape an icy windshield.  Garages are absolutely NOT overrated.  I love mine.

A few days ago these puddles were covered in ice.  Around the other side of the block I found the pink sky reflections near the curb...

...which made me stop and consider this thawed puddle as well.  I like the reflection of the stark trees.

Today my cozy reading chair is empty, but next time I need to thaw out, I'm going to grab a good book and nestle in.

Guess what?  The garage just called and they were able to solve the problem for $138.  I'm a happy camper.  My mood has thawed as well.  Thanks for taking a quick peek at my photos.


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Susan, nice shots. Isn't this warmer although wet weather nice? All our white stuff up here in the hills has melted off but our rivers and lakes are full to the brim. That's good news for my well, too. Check engine lights can be a pain but they are a necessary evil. I've been trouble shooting one for months now, have replaced everything except the vehicle itself and today it went out on it's own. Go figure! Hope you get yours back soon with good news.

urban muser said...

great shots. it has gotten pretty cold here in nyc today. we even got a little snow last night.

Jamie said...

Good news about the car! Great shots

Miss Becky said...

The second puddle shot is great, I love it, and the shot of your chair. I always like your perspective. glad your car is fixed!

Captivus said...

Very pretty reflection.

Maegan Beishline said...

I love that reflection you captured in the puddle! Well seen, Susan!