Sunday, January 30, 2011


Linking up with Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Lots of fun trying to find the necessary stuff out and about.  Push through and check out some of the other posts.

Confessing that this week's list was a bit difficult for me.  I guess it shouldn't have been, but I've had to scramble a bit today to put it together.  I've got some things that kind of stretch the categories.  It's all worth it though.  I'd hate to miss out. 
This week's items were:  Texture, Fog, Button, Beverage/Drink, and Seventies

Track Designs

Texture:  Found a great new place to cross country ski this week....for free and not heavily used.  Wonderful place to take Tula for a exhausting run.  I skied over a bridge and looked down to see these interesting snowmobile tracks below on the frozen snow-covered river.  I love the texture and line they create in the snow.

Car Wash

Fog:  Fog is a usually a warmer weather phenomenon around here.  I was stumped on this one until I went through the carwash this morning.  The spray from the pre-wash reminded me of fog and let me include something current rather than having to dig through my pics from last July.  I like how this abstract came out.


Button:  Cute as a button?  Well she is and normally if I get this close with the camera I get the tragic "get that thing away from me/scary ears" look.  This is a sweet catch of my girl-right after skiing, complete with a few frosty whiskers.


Beverage/Drink:  Mostly I drink water, a coffee or two a day and the occasional red wine.  This photo is from November....I forgot to grab a photo of this category this week and my beverage photos are sorely lacking.

Bridge 1270

Seventies:  Kind of a stretch I know, but I like the photo.  I recently noted that most bridges in Maine are numbered.  This is #1270...perhaps there's a place where one can look these things up.  Who knew?

That's my takes for this week.  Thanks for taking a look around.

Robin's Egg Blue P64

project64 button

Linking up with Project 64 for this week's color challenge.

Blue is my most favorite color.  I like it in almost any shade and it comes in many.  Funny how we're drawn to certain colors rather instinctively. 

I love what I found to photograph this week.  I had a DRs appointment one afternoon and you know....the DR was running late-pretty typical scenario.  I had my camera with me and started playing with it while I was waiting.  That's when I found robin's egg blue sitting right next to me on the table.  How great it that?

Nice Shoes!

Mr. Potatohead sporting some fabulous shoes.  He was missing an arm and there was one in amongst the kiddie toys with a robin's egg blue fork so I added that for good measure, but otherwise left him just as I'd found him.  I don't have kids so I had sort of forgotten about Mr. Potatohead.  He's awesome.

Looking forward to next week's color and hope I'll have the same sort of luck in finding it.  I love finding my challenges right under my nose when I'm not even looking for them.  That's the best...kind of feels like magic that way.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

365 Check-In 129, 134, 143/365

Linking up with Maegen over at Anika's Blog...its confusing so just click through and you'll see.  You can also see other participant's best January photos too.

365 Days

Rather hard to believe that January's end is here.  It's been a long month for me and I'm glad to see it go.  I'm noticing the light at the end of the day is extending and that is going to help rid those winter blahs. 

Anywho-it is sunny today and I've taken a look through my January 365 collection.  I'm proud that I still haven't missed a day yet-since August 26th....that's pretty damn good, girl.  As I prepared to look through the photos I'd claimed as each day's "winner" I had this thought in the back of my mind that my January shots were going to be rather ho-hum, with a few highlights here and there.  To my delight, despite the darkness, short days, cold, grey skies, and my often times limited light opportunities-I did alright.  So, I'm giving myself a little high five; some "props", some encouragement to march onward.

I'm also going to re-state my desire and challenge myself in the coming months to take more people shots.  I keep saying I'll do this....but....I keep putting it off as well.
For excuses I'll say that I do live alone and I work in an office with just 3 other people, so my daily interactions don't have me surrounded by ample opportunities, but I'm going to make a renewed effort.  I did catch a great profile shot of my best friend the other day.  I'm trying.

As for my best shot....I did share this a couple weeks back on Ashley Sisk's Sunday scavenger hunt and got rave reviews from so many kind fellow bloggers. Those comments really help keep propelling me forward.  I'm proud of this photo and it does pop out as this month's best.

Morning {143/365}
{143/365} Morning

There were a couple other photos that I thought were pretty nice as well and never made it into any posts for whatever reason....guess they didn't fit with what I was mumbling on about at the time or I got behind on posting or I chose to be a couch potato rather than fully functioning in the land of blogging.  Thought I'd give them their due now.

Portland Library {129/365}
{129/365}  Portland Library

This was my first winner of the new year.  I like the fun POV and the purple and blue.  The neon light tubes on-goingly change color, but this purple was the best combo for my taste.

Riverhurst Farm {134/365}
{134/365} Riverhurst Farm

I've wanted to catch this barn and silos for a long time.  With leaves off the trees and the afternoon sun doing it's magical thing, I finally caught a photo of merit.

I do appreciate you taking a look at my photos and the kind comments you leave for me.  If you're also doing a 365 I look forward to seeing your progress as well.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Linking up with James for weekend reflections at Newtown Area Photo.  There are always stunning shots when I take a peek around the other links.  You might like to too.

Tough week for reflections here in New England.  It was a dreary January week where everyday seemed to bring more snow or overcast skies (and cranky people).  Yesterday in the late afternoon, the sun did make itself known and the weather warmed to reasonable and the crankiness factor turned down a notch or two.  I made a quick bee-line for the beach with my trusty K-9 companion....she in need of a good run, and I in need of fresh air and sunshine.  While we were there I was able to catch a bit of a reflection bouncing off the incoming tide.  Yay.

Winter Beach Reflection

I'm hopeful that next week the sun and the reflections will be plentiful.  Have a great weekend.

Macro Friday

Linking with Laura for Macro Friday at Blogging from Bolivia where I'm imaging it is warm and sunny.  Doesn't matter if it is or not, I'm imaging that for my own well being.

I make hot oatmeal for breakfast most everyday.  I love it especially in winter when it's cold outside.  My Dad used to say something totally un-romantic about oatmeal like "it's good for ya; sticks to your slats."  I tend to view it as more wholesome and hearty and good soul food to start the day.  My favorite way to have it is with fresh strawberries and milk.  With the berries it needs no added sugar-not that I wouldn't love to have brown sugar sprinkled on it the way Mom used to let me when I was a kid.  Perhaps I'll treat myself to that smidgen of decadence sometime soon.

This morning while the oats were just beginning to simmer I glanced at the soon to be sliced berries in the weak morning sunlight and got that urge to grab the camera.  Here are my close-ups to share this week.


Berry Trio

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday/ Simplicity

Linking up for Wordless Wednesday with Faith, Hope and a whole lotta Love. 
Also connecting with Faith over at her weekly photo challenge at Simplicity for her "Something Different" topic this week.

Is it alright if I confess that sometimes not saying anything is a bit of a relief?  Happy Wednesday to you.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today 149/365

Linking up with Communal Global for my today.  Love those shots of "today" from around the globe.

Hey....guess what?  It's snowing. Again.   Guess what?  It's going to snow tomorrow too.  Guess what?  I need to move to St. Croix or someplace where there's warmth, beaches, rum punch, sun and swimming in January.  What were my ancestors thinking when they selected this place?  I'm trying to remember summer, because I don't think anything beats summer in Maine, but geez Louise....I need a break.  I'll share a few picturesque sights and try to make nice on this snow thing.

Main Street

Plow Truck

Bars {149/365}

Side Street Barn

I know what you're thinking.  "Oh New England is so beautiful in winter".  I'm going to check out all of your posts and look for something with sunshine and colour.  Grumble, moan, blah, blah.  Hope it's warm and bright where you are today.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Solace 151, 152/365

Linking up with Maegen for the Sunday Creative.  (Note to are doing this in a timely manner, not waiting until Saturday this week.  How great is that?)  Please swing by Maegen's blog to see other takes on this week's prompt "Solace".

The Sunday Creative

I was thinking about what comforts me when I started thinking about solace and it's just obvious.....2 sweet things are at the top of my list and in the core of my heart.  Funny thing about pets, they don't let you down much.  Something about their unconditional love and their silent sensing is so remarkable and precious.  They do bring comfort, they soothe, they allay, calm, and yes they amuse.

I remember too my past pets.  They too brought much joy and love to me in unspoken solace-magical really.  To only let them breeze through my thoughts makes me feel better instantly.  Solace, certainly.

In the depth and cold of winter my companions delight me and pull me through the difficult days.  I am blessed to have them both and the solace they provide.

Tough Job

{152/365}  "Princess P" doing her day job-guarding the top of the couch.  Tough gig, but someone has  to take care of these difficult things.

Romp {151/365}

{151/365} Tula Dot having a super fun romp in the snow making me smile with her infectious joy.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chestnut P64

Linking up with Project 64, out of the box with my color post for the week.....only 61 colors to go!

This week's color was chestnut.  Didn't find much chestnut catching my eye this week, but while looking for something else in my brother's office I spied one of his few decorative items-a fishing basket with feathers poking out one side.  I'm pretty sure they're some kind of duck feathers as he is a hunter, but that's only a guess.  Hope this works.

Brothers Feathers-Chestnut Brown

Sunday Scavenger 148 150/365

Posting in response to Ashely's Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at her wonderful blog Ramblings and Photos.  If I haven't said so lately...stop by.  Her written voice is cheerful and lighthearted.  She takes beautiful photos and is a wiz at editing.  Her blog has helpful tips and insights and her sweet demeanor comes through in all she posts.  She also has a fun cat who appears just often enough to provide a laugh.  While you're there, check out the other takes from this weeks scavenger hunt.

This week's items were: Memories, Silhouette, Doorway(s), Reflection, and Silver.
My Best Friend
Memories:  This is an old shot....from 2007 of me and my dearest friend Laura.  We took a wonderful trip to Croatia with our choral group and had an amazing time.  I had a tough week this week and Laura was there to help-she always is.  For my memories shot I wanted to post a photo of us at a really happy time.  She's the best.

Pink Sky
{150/365} Silhouette:  Yesterday afternoon I met a friend for a chat and a little red wine too.  As I left the restaurant I had just a brief moment to catch the last of a pretty sky.  I love the barren trees in silhouette, especially the one caught in pink.

Doorway:  Rather liked this brightly lit stairway radiating into the dark night.

Coffee Shop
Reflections:  I love all the reflections in these windows.  Sometimes I'm shooting a scene and totally miss was the case here.  I was delighted to see the results at home.  Not only the chairs, but the street and across the street buildings were all a bonus-and I think "make" the photo.

Dishwasher {148/365}
{148/365} Silver:  Okay, maybe stainless?  Love the reflections in the spoon and the distortion of the pegs through the clear plates.

Have to thank Ashley again....when I went to input photos in this post, blogger told me I was out of space.  I wrote Ashley a panic email for HELP, but remembered she mentioned that this would happen and that she uses her Flickr account to post into her blog.  Meanwhile I kept playing and figured out how to, as Tim Gunn would say, "make it work".  But I bet later today or tomorrow I'll find out from Ashley the best way to make this transfer.  I'm thanking her in advance.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Faith's photo challenge over at Simplicity this week is happiness.  Linking up with my best happiness image.   

Tula Dot.  Now this is one happy dog. 
I love to see my timid rescue looking like she's not scared of anything.

When I get better with Photoshop, I'm going to try re-editing this photo, but wanted to share it as it is the happiest photo I've taken in quite awhile.


Jeez here I am on Saturday, just getting to last Sunday's Sunday Creative and still not done.  I feel like I need an extension.  I don't remember ever asking for an extension to complete school or college work, and I've not filed my taxes using the extension time frame, but I better get going, 'cause tomorrow Maegen will undoubtedly have up another prompt to push me creatively and I need some space.
The Sunday Creative

I've always been partial to the Sunday Creative as inspiration. I usually challenge myself, not only to find a photograph that meets the weekly topic, but also I try to look inside and see how that word resonates in me.  At times it just isn't possible, but many times if I take time to contemplate, I find something to ponder....which leaves me on Saturday without having posted what's been carried around in the back of my mind for days.

Extension.  Hmmmm.  It was emotionally a tough week for me.  I'm going to blame it on shoveling.  There's something about the mindless, repetition of the chore that causes my mind to wander.  I can't say for sure, but I think my mind wanders the way other people's minds wander when they meditate or do yoga.  I'm not one for sitting still very well; I think the movement and physicality of shoveling allows me to get nearer that space.  With plenty of shoveling this week I struck a nerve that left me emotionally worn out.  So if anything I feel over-extended.

I've been trying to extend and push into places my mind doesn't want to go.  To visit regrets, past mistakes, etc acknowledge them and then let them drift on.  A bunch of these thoughts and those of the uncertainty of future came roaring out of the snow banks leaving me wiped out.  A bright sunny day today has lifted my mood.  I guess it is human nature to extend ourselves, to grow, to learn, to be better, to find something more, to strive, to not settle for just so-so.  I'm on a big extension search right now.  Surely answers will come-but oft they seem elusive.

For now I'm going to try to go with the flow.  My photography is becoming an extension of who I am...a new extension....and I suppose all the other stuff will follow suit when it's ready.

Sometimes extensions spew ugliness.

Sometimes extensions are delicate and not fully formed.

Sometimes extensions are beautiful but unclear.

Sometimes extensions are cold and numerous.

Sometimes extensions come in the morning light.

I'm extended out.  Thanks for taking the time to think about extension with me.  Hopefully tomorrow's prompt won't take me so long to figure out.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Macro Friday

Linking up with Laura at Blogging from Bolivia for Macro Friday.  I adore the macro shots and do look forward to the day when I have a lens that will really do that work with me.  Right now, I'm at close-up faux macro, but it's all good.

Well big surprise, (she said sarcastically) out the window today we have more of this:

My view from the kitchen into the backyard. immediate reaction was to make hot coffee with cinnamon.  I think this may be the more adult version of hot chocolate, tho' I'm not totally opposed to that either.  Perhaps later.

Hope where you are it's sunny and warm.  I'm off to Bolivia in my mind.

Weekend Reflections

Linking up with James for weekend reflections over at Newtown Area Photo

Last weekend I went out early on a cold morning and was lucky enough to find some amazing reflections.  Been waiting to share them here. 

You only get "sea smoke" on the coldest of mornings when air and water temperature collide, creating a misty effect over the water.  Way cool...and way cold.  I think there was no way to take a poor shot....sea smoke is like magic, if you can stand the weather.

Here are some of the reflections I caught:

Jackie's Wharf


Still Waters

Bridge and Building

Fish House at Water's Edge

Thanks for taking a trip in the cold morning air with me.  Happy weekend.