Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Memories, Dreams and Reflections

In late May it suddenly hit me that I might like to start taking photographs. Other than an occasional shot or vacation photos, I'd never taken pictures before...nor had any classes, experiences, or photography-minded relatives to nudge my interest. My only guide was an appreciation for nicely composed photos....based solely on my humble and inexperienced opinion.  With the delete button close at hand, there was nothing to lose. Anything awful could be whisked away in an instant. I made lots and lots of deletions....but I was delighted too to find some things of value.

This post is in response to Ashley Sisk's call out for a trip through 2010's photos and moments.  Sort of a "best of" album I guess.  Great idea Ashley-I sure did take a boat load of photos...and I only have a 1/2 year's worth.  It kind of blows my mind how many photos I'll take in 2011.

Here's my list of 25 images:

Me:  This is me, on my birthday.  I had a very difficult birthday this year....I was really sad and had no idea why.  I later found out I had mistakenly taken the wrong medication-I'm so glad it was an easy fix.  I felt immediately better when the mistake was corrected. 
I like the pink hues in this shot and the sense of longing in my eyes.  I also like the fact that I feel a LOT better than this now.

I Love You:  These are my two sweeties.  I love them both so much. 
Tula is intensely timid and rarely lets me get a photo of her in the house.  She is a wonderful walking companion and very patient while I take photos out in the world. 
Princess P is confident and affectionate.  She is an indoor cat and keeps me company when I'm lounging, blogging or reading.  She is always happy to pose for the camera....a true diva indeed.

Still Laughing:  A weekend in a cabin on the lake with 5 friends was filled with silly laughter and not much sleep.  I smile every time I think about it.

Winter Wonderland:  It's only been the past couple weeks that we've had snow.  These snow covered steps looked beautiful beneath a fresh few inches.

Birthday:  My nephew Quinn on his 4th birthday....check out the Thomas the Train cake!

Friends:  I know this has an "s" on it....but when I hear the word friend I think of Laura.  I don't have many photos of her and although this is just part of her....I can see all of her in it.  I like this shot because she's looking right at me.  Often times I think that she's the only person in the world that really sees me.  And she's smiling-that's even better.

I Was Inspired:   This was a very early photo that inspired me....."hey I can do this!"  I had no idea if I would actually have success taking photos or not, and this photo gave me confidence.  I was also inspired by the name on this sweet little row boat; "Grace".

Spring Fever:  Spring comes late to Maine so by the time it arrives, my fever is running quite high.  This spring for the first time I fell in love with peonies.  I couldn't stop taking photos of them.  How could I have missed these lovelies for so many years?  I won't ever ignore them again.

Travel or Vacation:  I love this shot I took while spending a weekend in Boston this fall.  I had a great time playing with the city lights and the view from my hotel room.

Summer Days:  This is one of my favorite images from this past August.  I love the light in the summer months and miss it terribly during winter. On this evening the pink color of the setting sun was especially delicious.

A Day in My Life:  I'm not sure I get to the beach everyday, but being near the water is important to me.  Sometimes I forget how much, but I see it echoed here in this collection.  If everyday started as beautifully as this one from late September, it would be delightful.

All Smiles:  You can't convince me that Tula isn't smiling.  Love my girl looking so happy.

Autumn Harvest:  In September I went mountain hiking for the first time ever.  It about killed me, but no regrets.  On the way home my friends and I stopped at a sweet little farm stand where I found this wonderful display of pumpkins.

Family:  Here again are the stars of my family.  One of my desires for 2011 is to become more at ease in taking photos of people.  I do have people in my family, just not too many photos of them.

Celebrate:  I forget what these things are called, but they always signal a celebration is at hand.

Let's Do It Again: Other than a slight levels adjustment this is SOOC.  It was the most spectacular sunset I captured this year. My Aunt Lois was with me, so I call this "Lois' Sunset". Lois hasn't been feeling well and has been in the hospital nearly a month now....I'm hoping we can get an ice cream and a show like this again sometime soon.

I Miss You:  I love this dusky photo from last summer.  I miss summer and this scene typifies a summer mood that I long for.

Beautiful:  I think I already mentioned my love affair with peonies.  Lest you think I was's another beauty.  Isn't it marvelous?

Dress Up:  I am so NOT a dress up kind of girl.  I'm all about blue jeans, sneakers, and being comfy.  Sorry....I do have many other endearing qualities however.

Macro:  I don't have a macro lens, but I do enjoy close-up photos.  Love the details on this dandelion I found lingering beyond season in mid-October.
Holidays:  I like letting Christmas quietly come and go, but lights are something I enjoy about the season.  I had fun playing with the colorful lights on the tree in town and then trying out some Photoshop filters.

My Favorite:  I have no idea why this photo appeals to me so just does.  It was the catalyst for my selecting "red" as a theme for my final project in my digital photography class.  I rarely drink beer, so it's not that...I just like it.  Who knows why?

Don't Ever Change:  This is the waterfront view from my family's get-away cottage on the coast of Maine.  It is a place we all go to refresh and unwind.  I hope this spot remains unchanged for all my lifetime.  Spending time watching the gulls soar and the waves lap against the rocks from these Adirondack chairs is an automatic stress reducer and something I never tire of.

Just Because...So There!:  For some reason I like to take photos of things that are in dis-repair, rusted, old, weathered, decaying, graffiti-strewn....I don't really understand it, but it just is.  None of those categories were on this list.  I'm also including this because it was a photo I took very early on that made me aware I was interested in taking photos.  It's a window at the county courthouse.

Hopes and Dreams:  This sort of says it all.  If I can follow these 3 "L's" through the next 12 months, I'm sure all will be fine.

If you've looked at all these photos and read my captions....thanks.  It's a lot to get through, but I appreciate your visit.  Here's to a very Happy AND Healthy 2011.


Nicolasa said...

Beautiful photos! I love the summer days and don't ever change! :-) I noticed you visited places in the New England area and I just wanted to say that I live in New Hampshire!

Miss Becky said...

Dorian Susan this tour through one year of your life was a lot of fun. I used to have a rule that each year on my birthday I'd get a photo of myself. It lasted for a number of years but has lapsed now. I love your pensive look in the birthday photo. And Tula has such a dear face. Princess too. I can't decide which is my favorite, but it might be the one of Tula's running smile. Thanks for the trip! And I too love the red bottle cap photo. It's simply a great photo.

soniaa said...

Love your travel/vacation shot--cool lights! I also like your macro shot--great bokeh.(:
Happy 2011!

justine said...

oh I love your shots! those water ones are just awesome and beautiful. This is a lovely post with wonderful photographs. All the very best for 2011, look forward to seeing more of your wonderful pictures.

Anika said...

Love that travel and holiday shot. Pretty!

Ashley Sisk said...

If this is only 1/2 a years worth of photos, you are well on your way to incredible things. I have loved this post and wish you a fantastic 2011.

SarahinSC said...

Your landscape photos are magnificent! I could stare at those forever! Happy new year!

Seizing My Day said...

I love your boat and your winter photographs!!

Bec said...

Beautiful photos and just as beautiful reflections. I couldnt say whish photo I like best, they are all individually lovely and meaningful! I hope the new year is good for you :)

Jessica said...

Love these photos, love your descriptions... and I'm completely envious that you live so close to the water! ;) After reading your intro, I know you're still in the "can I do this" stage, and I believe you can! You have a great eye and these are fabulous photos!

Becki said...

Great collection! Your travel photo of the city lights is awesome.

Rosie said...

What a wonderful selection of photos, Susan! I love them! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful 2011!!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful year you've had. I hope 2011 is filled to the brim with even more beauty in every aspect of your life.

Natalie said...

Macro/Holidays and the Hopes and Dreams photos are all my personal favs ..sorry about how you felt on your birthday! But glad you got it fixed ! Happy New Year!! :)

Miss Becky said...

Hi Dorian Susan. I hope you don't mind, but I've awarded you the Inspiring Blogger Award. I'm passing it along to three bloggers who inspire me, and you're most definitely one of them! If you choose, stop in and take a peek! Have a beautiful day.

AMY said...

So many Beautiful photo's!!!
I LOVE Peonies too, very much!
Amy's Life

Becky said...

Wow - great review of the year,a nd great journey through your photos!! You've got something going here, my friend!