Saturday, January 29, 2011

365 Check-In 129, 134, 143/365

Linking up with Maegen over at Anika's Blog...its confusing so just click through and you'll see.  You can also see other participant's best January photos too.

365 Days

Rather hard to believe that January's end is here.  It's been a long month for me and I'm glad to see it go.  I'm noticing the light at the end of the day is extending and that is going to help rid those winter blahs. 

Anywho-it is sunny today and I've taken a look through my January 365 collection.  I'm proud that I still haven't missed a day yet-since August 26th....that's pretty damn good, girl.  As I prepared to look through the photos I'd claimed as each day's "winner" I had this thought in the back of my mind that my January shots were going to be rather ho-hum, with a few highlights here and there.  To my delight, despite the darkness, short days, cold, grey skies, and my often times limited light opportunities-I did alright.  So, I'm giving myself a little high five; some "props", some encouragement to march onward.

I'm also going to re-state my desire and challenge myself in the coming months to take more people shots.  I keep saying I'll do this....but....I keep putting it off as well.
For excuses I'll say that I do live alone and I work in an office with just 3 other people, so my daily interactions don't have me surrounded by ample opportunities, but I'm going to make a renewed effort.  I did catch a great profile shot of my best friend the other day.  I'm trying.

As for my best shot....I did share this a couple weeks back on Ashley Sisk's Sunday scavenger hunt and got rave reviews from so many kind fellow bloggers. Those comments really help keep propelling me forward.  I'm proud of this photo and it does pop out as this month's best.

Morning {143/365}
{143/365} Morning

There were a couple other photos that I thought were pretty nice as well and never made it into any posts for whatever reason....guess they didn't fit with what I was mumbling on about at the time or I got behind on posting or I chose to be a couch potato rather than fully functioning in the land of blogging.  Thought I'd give them their due now.

Portland Library {129/365}
{129/365}  Portland Library

This was my first winner of the new year.  I like the fun POV and the purple and blue.  The neon light tubes on-goingly change color, but this purple was the best combo for my taste.

Riverhurst Farm {134/365}
{134/365} Riverhurst Farm

I've wanted to catch this barn and silos for a long time.  With leaves off the trees and the afternoon sun doing it's magical thing, I finally caught a photo of merit.

I do appreciate you taking a look at my photos and the kind comments you leave for me.  If you're also doing a 365 I look forward to seeing your progress as well.


Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful photos, Susan. You are to be commended for continuing the 365 challenge. As you probably have figured out, I quit at the end of 2010. It was just taking too much time away from my painting which is my first love. Besides wonderful photographers like you and several other bloggers provide me with lots of painting material in photos from places I could never get to see in person. I am so grateful for you and the others. Hope you are enjoying a sunny weekend in your neck of the woods. It's beautiful her in the hills.

Jessica said...

I agree with the other bloggers assessment about that first photo!! Absolutely magical!!!

But I really like the contemporary feel of the library shot! That bolt of neon purple really draws in the eye and leads it straight up through the shot -- very powerful!

Very nice work! Congrats on making it this far!

Tezzie said... have a gift. That 'Morning' photo is simply amazing (as are the others, too, of course...but the first one is magic!)

Thank you so much for your very kind comment was, indeed, a very difficult week. It was made much better, though, by generous people such as yourself leaving sweet words of comfort. So...thank you <3

Anika said...

Susan, these are amazing. I agree, it is kind of nice to reflect back on the month and see it as a whole in a new light. That first photo is so spectacular...definitely needs to be framed and hung to see daily, so beautiful.
Thanks for linking up as it's inspirational to see what you are up to. Have a good weekend!

Miss Becky said...

Hey Susan
you know I love #143. Isn't that the photo where you referred to "sea smoke"? It's magical. your shot of the library is awesome - great perspective and I love the neon. you seem to have caught that at just the right moment for light. and the same with the barn/silos. the soft glow is perfect. you have a gift for that. I've loved viewing your photos each day as you progress on your 365 journey. I have my faves...and there are many.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that Morning shot is absolutely Magical! And I've always admired those staunch photographer bloggers who are embarking on the 365 challenge. It's admirable that you're so far along!

Anna Lear said...

Definitely a special shot; the mood, lighting, composition, all perfect. Makes me happy just looking at it. Love the library shot, too!

Jamie said...

You seriously deserve props! These are all amazing, but that first one is absolutely stunning.

Micheline said...

Absolutely stunning. To be lucky enough to see that beautiful morning is something. Being lucky enough to capture it, and capture it so well, is truly magical.